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Dimitri & The Scarecrow - Scarecrow lyrics

(Music & Lyrics by Dimitri D. Kwenda)

Luxury cars passing me by
The vending machine of the propaganda is
Selling me patriotism, all a façade
I'm getting outta this field to live an infamous life

I'm getting mine – Let ‘em know (x4)

Verse 1:
A honk, honk behind ya, are my people listening
Poetry is in effect trying to draw your perceptions
As this millennium hits, a grand corporal shift
And this perpetual drift brings greater economics
Politics is in a whole new overdrive to bribe
The layman and revive the power to buy
From the, Zimbabwean debate to the black US head of state
Democracy, the latest commodity at the table of policy
Don't think of condescension, listen to what I'm saying
Women becoming presidents without enough influence
THINK! Your attention is being sparred with
The humane battles they took oh so long to address
And suddenly the subtleties are in a finer concentration
The coincidence of Obama and the latest recession…

Told to be bold standing in the cold - SCARECROW
Standing for struggles I do not know - SCARECROW
The irony, I'm standing alone - SCARECROW
Is this really my war? - HELL NO!

I'm a straw man raised in a modern world
In the hills of the capital, I can't get any work
A misfit in the midst of a capital surge
A vagabond scarecrow with no maize field to go to, hey

I'm a straw man praised in a modern world
All I witness if giants wilt away my worth
I'm sick to the gut as the anger swirls
Scarecrow man, a straw man

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Verse 2:
For years it has been the acknowledgement of man
That the prevalence of harmony is the emergence of a champion
The question is: Who is most fit to govern humanity
For an eternity we've agreed and sucked at unity!
Egotism and a cunning diplomacy
Has brought hedonists to being the makers of policy
And to those who lose jobs and really are in need
In Africa you starve unless you live illegally
And… the makers of the greater crime remain in charge
Setting police hounds on the weak and the starved
And they possess the press, so they won't ever confess
But then again, we are aware of this, it's all such a mess
What I pray is, in the lands of independence
Where freedom and justice are in uh… A rhetorical press
We might all start making a little room
To accommodate the scarecrows we have forcefully removed!


Verse 3:
A honk, honk! Once more, is somebody there?
Am I betrayed by the ears of those who claim to care?
The timid big hearted trapped in the pipedreams
Only awakening to perpetrate a similar tyranny
Coz in an environment of a capitalist
The derelicts are the powerless; their voices are pacifists
Whose sympathies are a paralysis
And they cannot be frontrunners for any conviction
Martyrs of a religion are a mythical preaching
Unfortunately cause if juxtapose with consequence
Complements of attempting to overthrow any dominance
To my president and all members of government
My conviction is a bold and simple statement
To the earnest and benevolent, continue in perseverance
But I hope the rest of y'all do burn in hell in a penance!
Come on!

“I ain't got no time to be messing around with y'all. As a citizen of this country, I've gotta right to speak! Come on!”

Bridge & Chorus

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