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Dimitri & The Scarecrow - Drums, guitars, mics and a boombox lyrics

Check! Check!
Drums, guitars, mics and a boom box
Static! Static!

I see omens, omens
The doors open, open
And I'm choking, choking
The noose has got me roped in
(x 2)
Verse 1
This isn't how I planned it, it wasn't in my dreams
A moment to be candid and maybe you will see
I stumbled on my passion in a government apartment
A bubbling and young kid, unaware of destiny
It was all on a tape on a little brown ribbon
I was down with the rhythm , just reciting what was written
Yet it all seemed harmless when the poetry was garbage
The more it was harnessed the neighbourhood regarded
Allowed me to become addicted to my hobby
And now I do it proudly, but now they want to rob me
They tell me to be ambitious on a school curriculum
And I believe in the book but I got this gumption
I found something to which I truly can devote
My whole life and I know that many do scorn
Feel a lump in my throat and I try to be strong
As the load gets heavy and the road gets long

This is as close as I've been
To garage band dreams
Scrapping for a beat in the studio scene
This is my rendition, vision of hip hop
Drums, guitars, mic's and a boom box

Verse 2
Grand claws of karma by the collar, gotta clamping on my calendar
I kind of gotta clamouring cardigan of caricature
Opinions are many for a choice so limited
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You're riveted between just thinking it or living it
This world will tell you to dream so big
Then again it reminds you, you ain't so big!
Till you're shelved in a compartment of limited achievement
Overworked employee who dreams of the weekend
You're therapy becomes your childhood memories
Can't look to the future coz it's so threatening
And you had a choice just to raise your voice
You could silence the noise of the people who ignore you
Maybe they would hear you, scream for attention
Your mind is made up, no one cares to be listening
At the critical stage, where ambition is moulded
I wish someone was there to watch it unfolding

Chorus (x1)

Bridge (x2)

Verse 3
This isn't how I planned it, it wasn't in my dream
How many people you think are speaking like this?
Maslow's primary needs, need to be achieved
And because they need to eat, they need to be on their feet
Staying alive isn't free, I want to be me
I want to make a living by simply being me
Life? They call it a beautiful thing
Since it's each to his own, let's see how you live
To me, it's a thorny branch with blood stained petals
A rose, but in essence it really might hurt you
Some will try hard work and many will cheat
It gets a little harder when the thieves get wealthy
But don't wait on justice, gotta keep moving
Grow your little hustle to something that's lucrative
I wrote this song to resurrect my dreams
And I hope that someone might be redeemed

Chorus (x2)



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