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Dimitri & The Scarecrow - Anarchy lyrics


Verse 1
Heavy breathing every season
Bring in the stomping crumping legions
Still secreting this graffiti
On the beacons of the city
S-S-Scratching under the thatching
Bring the matches, I don't support the passive
This is Morse code assaulting your torso
Clearing out the carport, bringing out the arsenal
Portable ammo, land hoooooooooooooo!
Coz the bigger the movement
To trigger the massive losers
The pick of the pack are proving
That hip hop is alluring
Call me the anarchist, the masochist
You pompous parasitic citizens
Am I supposed to flinch with sentiment?
Considering you're saddling my every sweat?
I've been trickling my coins in the system with my boys
For your fickle little voice remove the girdle and destroy it
And; hear the noise! Hear the noise!
No more offices for y'all to be employed
The hurdle you enjoyed has been raised by your toys

I don't about you but I'm trying to eat
Anarchy is guaranteed to support my needs
I don't about but I'm trying to eat
What've you traded recently to get that foreign currency?

Anarchy – Mercy me the mayhem is approaching
Yeah – it's approaching
Yeah – it's approaching
Anarchy – Excuse me, I can hear a coaxing
Yeah – it's approaching
Yeah – it's approaching

Verse 2
Dwindling lower from the tower of my dignity
The big city is twisting me to insanity and iniquity
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The liberty escaping me complacently is haunting me
I'm faltering and sobering from a high reputation and I…
Got to get my mojo back, can't function like that
What's a hip hop head supposed to do when a politician relaxes??
Like him, I've got a job, commentary career
Right now, the reference is, ANARCHY PIONEER!
The Anarchy Guild built to annex the filth
With a hilt of a mic where we challenge your guilt
Along the tresses of the press is a twisted kind of mess
Wresting our honest rights with a rhetorical press
“I've never been a bitch and I'd rather be lynched
I'll go poltergeist if I happen to disappear” (x2)

Bridge (x1)

Hook (x1)

Verse 3
If we can focus this bogus wall can crumble
Huddling up in a cabinet scuffle is a troubling couple
Summon the Pope people for his marriage counsel
It's ridicule for you sickos in political struggle
You just ramble propaganda just to paddle selfish matters
You dismantle the panorama, grapple power and babble
But we're stomping on incompetence in confidence
And conquering as comrades taking back the continent
LISTEN! This is my oath as an MC speaking
To always speak truth regardless of who's peeping (x2)
Yo! Are you listening? (Yeah) Are they listening? (No)
Do you really think they give a damn about these songs?
Sinister minister finished to diminish the city fund
Then he got a gun after singing on television
I bet I got your attention now you bloody cowards
You murderers with hands in the pockets of judges
Tainted with blood money and your hearts flood honey
War-vets who can't stop fighting in a peaceful country

Bridge 2:
Now I don't know about you but I'm trying to speak
There's a price for human rights so we ain't free
After the colonisers came the new masters
Who pursue disaster in a ruse we're captive

Bridge and Hook

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