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Dimitri & The Scarecrow - Technocracy lyrics

‘What technocracy defines is government ruled by technical experts' – D. Kwenda
Verse 1
All you can dream, all you can be
So strange how you seem to fall mainstream
Receptacle, protocol, never to question at all
And pass it all along, generational bonds
Genetically informed like a genetical clone
Was it the government who wrote your genetical code?
Don't be paranoid, everything is normal
Your safe in the hands of the government, aren't you?
Never trust a man who lies looking you in the eyes
His is a twisted mind calculating in time
Naivety: “Stop in the name of morality”
Pragmatically: “Wait for the course of mortality”
An occupational hazard in the current dimension
Outlets to escapism occupy our attention
So America is truly about the humanitarian
It doesn't care about the oil in Iran, only uranium
Our cynicism is a cover for conspiracy
Blessed are those of faith who don't need a receipt!
Coz all you can dream, all you can be
So strange how you seem to fall mainstream

Demand for serial numbers, IDs and passports / it's the technocratic for people who don't panic
What do you know about those who follow you? / It's all bureaucratic
The cosmetic appeal, the pathetic will yield
Nothing new was invented, it's the turning of the wheel
The same water in your basin, rinsing your skin
A little more murky for your baptism

Verse 2
It's heavy metal galvanised in the faith of
Sentimental shortcuts and blasphemy to the fundamental
The cloning of the genuine article making it cheap
Flooding consumer markets and selling a dream
Inside the microwave, the mind travels through time
But never savours moments to bind spirit and mind
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When you've been rushed and your brain is flushed
Your fixated to the shinier appeal to your flesh
The drone of mechanics, so prone to the plastic
A spoke you imagine, that broke through the imagine
The conniving concept of convenient cosmetics
A colliding conquest, a mark of career incarceration
In the name of all things easier, to cure hand blisters
Dismiss manual labour and let the mind fester
To sit and interact with nothing but computers
Can we sit and commiserate with the binary numbers

Hook (x1)

Verse 3
Get a little gritty, put some gravel in your gut
Since you settled in your city you've scrambling for crumbs
The funnel of committees is a benefit to some
With a little tenacity they'll pay attention!
The picture of order is defined by the structure
A system of power, reinforced by the culture
At the centrefold, tradesmen unaffected by the moral
Simply loyal to the course that'll source the comfortable
“Fellow countrymen! You've gotta read the fine print”
I'm not your comrade; we don't want the same things
Work the words, make the worst of my material world
Mindfully got small fish for your braai to burn
Ventriloquist sacrilege – how you manage it?!
Use the same old tricks, mechanical clockwork
Sprung a leak in the bag of the national treasure
Hung the beak of a puppet to address the matter

Hook (x1)

But who's to care in a pretty life?
Where you feed the system till you retire
It won't matter when you finally wake
You're invalid, easy to replace
Coz all you can dream, all you can be
So strange how you seem to fall mainstream

C'est fini du technocracy

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