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Dimitri & The Scarecrow - Messenger is Sender lyrics

Messenger is Sender
Written by Dimitri D. Kwenda

As pen to pad is word to mic…
Dear listener

We are – Trending, trending (x2)
Mail order delivery, unseal the envelope (x2)
Messenger is sender, sender is…

In the zone of the ideal I appeal to the openness of mind
As I seal this piece with a fragility rarely seen in time
Climb atop my head and thread loose my insides
The pliers that'll heal splinters splitting up my spine
To please or to release the trapped opinion
The vineyard of maturity is my Elysium
A serum I consistently dryly drink from
Imitations are a religion of the confidant
As I attempt to stand upright in an abrupt fight
I succumb to the fright for the human that I might…BE
Would you let me to my consumptions of life?
To ride the fine tide of your listening inside
In the case that I strike blindly upon your pride
And drive a wedge between yours and mine…
I oft wonder what validates me
For as I hear praises I'm sinking into my own obscurity

I am the writer
And the deliverer of messages
I put mail in your box, you got to check it

I write relevance, credible
What's my licence?
Poetic! Justice is my premise
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Messenger is Sender, Sender is Messenger
To every listener in tow… (x2)

The grey areas I feel obligated to tamper with
But if I get a little too dark I'm greeted in feeling
It's a look where I am stuck out of luck with the people
Told to tuck little rough fringes, “Now be cool!”
If ever you live amongst the crowd as a shadow
The things you hear people talk are often swallowed
The new movement is to make superstars of us all
To minimize the number who talk what they know is true
I know I'm not impressing the important ones like this
If I'm all talk the applause will ring to my egocentricity
Centripetal force is coursing through my surroundings
Calling me to think in the mind of ONE being
Fit in! Live “your” life and accomplish the relevant
That is: The systems are set for the selfish
Another member to this cause and the number is in toll
To encourage the big mold to slumber in its gold
I encode message and tow the questions
I throw suggestion and spawn the essence
Of a known ascendance to unknown distance
And dethrone in vengeance the stone oppressive
If I crawl in sentence from the robe in skinning
My own explicit spoken word from within
Would talk of freedom be walked in rhythm?
In sorts of difference or is insult belligerence?
I‘m a messenger of the sender
But the sender of the message, so remember
If my candor to write and deliver
Is more bittersweet in a sour surprise to the listener
It's going to frost in your liver
Give a frank thought to the anxious
Who will stamp naught and tax us
For being stand-up sons against what they cover up
If anyone would close your eye of perception
The lesson I learnt is they're due for a confrontation

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