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Dimitri & The Scarecrow - Little Raven's Lullaby lyrics

Little Raven's Lullaby
Verse one
Quiet night lights in the middle of the city
When the rush hour passed me, I heard myself thinking
In the blurry of the bodies that'll rush
From the gutter to the plush, suburbia is us
And we're all fumbling for money as we're grumbling for needs
We're tumbling and lumbering in queues just to feed
In the throes of the woes of the stove
As we slow down to the moan of the black outs we abhor
I heard a girl singing a sweet song of serenity
And an old man whistling working for his family
Then I saw a beggar, he just wanted a little
He'd settle for anything in the middle of the road
The college boy graduated and couldn't get a job
He just wanted to escape the coming brainstorm
These thoughts of such chaos brought me to new peace
And I sought after the one thing I love passionately
My lift from the dungeon of the depressed
Is to approach my life knowing I got an edge
I've managed to identify what I truly love doing
That I'd be satisfied if I died pursuing it
Many great man have already gone to the grave
The known and the brave, the unknown but okay
The criminals who rotted and decayed, when no remorse be swayed
I won't let mine become waste

As the old man whistles and the little girl sings
And I watch my people in a living routine
In the thick of these dreams is a book that I read
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Let my voice be free, let my voice be free

Verse 2
How many times have you visited the cemetery dude?
You never bother till somebody important leaves you
That's when you realize we are all selfish
I'm not criticizing but just gathering my observation
And culminating to that epiphany that got to me
We've got to be significant in these moments while living
Romanticising with heroism is plain naïve
Even though won't mind being remembered when I leave
But I see that I need to bleed some emphasis
And seeds to my passion with every effort of my energy
Death is really only a bother when it runs route
Through that point of your confident shout
But I don't want to be desperately exasperated
Emancipation is waiting to be comfortable in my skin
Someday I'll day I'll die and I hope my friends celebrate
Go ahead cut some cake like it was your wedding day
Just sing a little raven's lullaby when I'm gone
Coz I'm dark and I'll shout till my voice is hoarse
From the gut of my spirit and the route of my lyric
In the pit of my stomach be the boom box relic
A hard core menace in the humour of my legacy
A man who is cherished by his friends and family
What else is there to aspire to beyond this?
It all makes sense coz my people die unnoticed

Hook (x4)


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