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Dimitri & The Scarecrow - Introspection lyrics

Definition: Introspection
Up - Inner vision
Dimitri - Self reflection
Up - self perspective
Dimitri - inner eye
Up - inner man
Dimitri - Soul searching
Up - I 'n' I...

Verse 1 (Upmost)
Look your reflection dead in the eye
No question about it you will get a reply
Now it's time to start remembering why
You chose to hold fast to an old past
Time's up, let go turn your head to the sky
Catch a blessing put your foot on the pedal and ride
On a journey that'll settle your mind to
Godspeed You can't be waiting, salivating for a lost dream
Holding a fistful of tomorrows that come to pass
Until the future is a time you remember at last
Let your memory grab notes for the lessons of today's class
The topic is: PROGRESSION
Go get it go-getter, you know better than to sink into error
Yo, keep your head up and grow from all the shit that you'll regret
Let some air in before you lose your breath...

Verse 2 (Dimitri)
Forfeit morbid orchids and tour the resort in orbit
Of resource in sources of scorching forces
You're not a tourist but self-focused motion
Confront, remove, deduct!
The conflict will inflict you much
And in such it is just to replenish the punch
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Of a blunt criticism with a smoke to snuff the corrupt element
From the.... GRUFF!!!
Of your poisonous choices, let affirmative voices
Represent your course as stunning as a kick to the head staring at a horse's ass
And once you grasp this phenomenal task
Never let a man ask if there is a mask
For these scabs testifying that you've put sword to introspection's abs
YOU'RE- liar and thief, you desire deceit
You're a squire of grief with a viable greed...

Verse 3 (Upmost)
Now when you get to twelve
Come back to step one and elevate yourself
As desire meets desire, in a duel
The fire reach-is higher, now you go...

Feel the rumble of your stomach as a stunting hunger
That is tugging as you fumble for a hold
Gamble with your troubles and gullible struggles
With the people are a scuffle with the comfortable... Upmost...
And when you come back to you
You must do, knowing well that life gon' do whut it duz do
And after all it is just you, GIVIN'
Coz you capture more than just you, LIVING!
There are steps to adapt the apt sense of the wrath
Of introspective math, an endeavour to blast
The past sense of the fact in an act to avoid a relapse...

Outro Talking...

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