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Dimitri & The Scarecrow - Funfare lyrics

A rhythmic twang of piano chords
A mixing of the jazz with the lyrical draw
Feeling an African note, do a little swirl
A seasoning drum, that's seasoning percussion
And hold it from your core
Feeling memories of days back in high school
Feels like, a little bit of rap just to fill in the gaps
And the bigger music map reminiscing to laugh
Grand stage performances happening between classes
Your one asset, credibility to fellow class mates
Never felt as emphatic when generating a buzz
Huddling up and summoning the spirit of “US”
Let me steer with the rudder of my lyrical tongue
But I'm just a man reveling in the spirit of love
I'm just picking from the aura and channeling
Familiarizing you with how you are feeling
The spirit of freestyle was never about the individual
The residual rhymes reflected off the people
Hence we gather to commiserate or celebrate
Debate or state matter of facts sayings
Playing upon language and voice tone
Unbeknownst to us when we were so simple
This was a funfare without care
So sad to be grown and wish I was there

It's like jazz, it's like hip hop
It's not quite the right picture
A little rhythm, melancholy
You say the simplest things and it's poetry

If it's too serious, it ain't real
If it's real, then I'll take you seriously
Stare too hard and it ain't there
I only care about the funfare
And, the smartest things tickling minds as we're smiling oh…
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Verse 2
Oh the seismic bribing
Of my kin defining, surviving
Lying, surmising, climbing
And finding the heights are arising
So I stop living in the dark and embrace the chaos
Cos if you look a little closer, you'll find that there is order
The rule of thumb is, only do what you wanna
Only do coz you wanna, never do coz you gotta
The big wheel is carrying its passengers
You fasten your seatbelt screaming from the top of your lungs
The funfare only lasts so long
It's a done deal, no redeeming the time lost
So listen to the thud thrumming in your chest
Humming for your quest, something beyond flesh
I feel a bit of a definitive, riveting to the intricate
The bigger pic imagining living it in the delicate
Tenderness of the elements, representing my eloquence
Second guessing is never it, forever I wanna settle it
I wanna breathe in the atmosphere of the free
Not having to tug so I can chug my beer
I'm so far from, blah blah, the orthodox
Ask me how come I'll flip Pandora's Box
And ha! ha! I'm so sick convention-ah!
Starving us of the creative nutrients!

Hook (x1)


The funfare is your life
Stay alive? Try survive or be alive

Hook (x1)


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