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Dimitri & The Scarecrow - Act of War lyrics

An Act of War
Written by Dimitri D. Kwenda

An Act of War…

Verse 1:

Amethyst Anarchist Ambience in the assonance and
Asking of answers for the average African
As if the anchors of the abhorrent, apathetic admin
Would act unabashed in action – Task him!
Last minute incentive, to cast the ballots elective
Effective, at least reflective of a lease agreement settlement
We credit ‘em, selling our melanin freedom vitamin
Biding our time in an impolite ransom
This fascism is past getting a class action
A classic rustic blast of mass activism – ANARCHISM!
There is an absinthe of avarice, an abscess so angering
I could link where the Black are lacking in proper governing
Zealous Authority Normally Undisputed Patriotic Farce
‘gainst the Melodramatic Demanding Charge
Pundits so claustrophobic gunning for one's annulment
Adults false-fully flogging the corpse of the horse they both rode in
A Trojan virus involved in the rural folks' hoax and...
Coaxing their hope with the voting when activism is approaching

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They keep on spoiling for the sport of war
Calling for your honour or corner off all liberal
Thoughts involved and call it law
- It's an act of war!

Verse 2:

Let the vice suffice to spice the lies inside the mind
Liaise the pride with sacrifice; incite the size of Black and White
Excite the fight, entice the right to ride the tide of life behind the rectified
Objectify the finer lines of why we cry when people died
And try to justify this strife of mine and why I'm never satisfied!
I'll testify, you'll find the signs that drive my rhymes everytime (Everytime)
Think of the level they live in their lives, speak of the devil they never decry
Never would I ever rely on every guy from enemy side!
Define the sign to bite the eye that guides the light
Deciding my divide of spine to “Titan” my resolve inside and I will cry...
Bridge: Parasite mentality, dead rule my family
Them accepting everything, no question or dignity
Poisoned rodent, dem get rat trap
What get killed for? Nah get wisdom!

Dead rat, dead rat, blood inna ya veins
That rot, that rot, puss inna ya brains (x4)
Dead rat, dead rot blood inna ya brains…

Hook (x4)

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