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Die Form - Cathodic Funeral lyrics

Not being thirsty for their tears anymore
Steel runs down children's eyes
Down children's eyes
You just have to switch off
Switch off to live again
Just have to turn away your head
To root out anguish
To hit the screen with a stone
But where can you find a stone?
Neither staring at the images of pain
Nor at the blood spurted out of the
Sharp wounds
Endless corridor towards the bulb
Where the punishments and tortures are
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Built up
You close the curtains
You switch off the light;
In your hand you hold a stone
While execution wheel rotates in your mind
I follow the edge of the knife
While the systems rumble
The fiendish diaphragm closes up on you : absolute clarity
You close the curtains
You switch off the light
You turn away your head
Then you hold a stone...
But why do you hit your head
Why do you hit your head...?

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