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Diddy - Dirty Money - First Place Loser lyrics

Verse1: Save me. This is too amazing. Heart is beating lazy. If I run babe will you chase and make me in stay in love cause I run.

Chorus: Rope run. Slow up. Love shot the gun. I took off for the sun. If you catch me, I'm done. You're chasing fire and love race. First place loser; I can't believe ya love got me.

Verse2: Take me before my cool escapes me. Love is not so easy. Obstacles keep changing. And I won't go slow if you don't win win, bye,bye I'm gone.

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Verse3: She came over. She walked up to me and told me she was always on my time. She was always on my mind. Baby you get over the fit that's holding you. Can you hold me up please stay. Girl don't go away.

Bridge: Boy I swear, you're the only one, the one that I leave. You're the only one that I'm breathing for. The only one that got me running. I won't stay.


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