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Dictionary Attack - Red Giraffe lyrics

[Verse 1]
Red Giraffe takes a walk
Out of the jungle playset
Into the living room
He spies a little snack
Green houseplant, you have nothing to fear
Red Giraffe cannot reach you
His corn syrup body's hardened
His neck's no longer pliable

Red Giraffe
Wrecked by eons of neglect evolves to
Something unbelievable

[Verse 2]
Red Giraffe, in the past
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Could stretch to the height of Sanjay
But Sanjay grows ever taller
Taller than giraffes
And his dumb face turns into a boat
And sails away from the playset
But he knows they'll meet someday somewhere
And Red Giraffe can tell him how he feels

The water rejuvenates him
And he can stretch up to breathe
But Sanjay fires a harpoon

Red Giraffe
Wrecked by eons of neglect, evolves to
Something unbelievable... unbelievably sad

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