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Dictionary Attack - Connor Delaney lyrics

[Verse 1]
Drowned like a rat and washed ashore
Brand new environs to explore
I start my trek across the land
Beautiful little butterflies
Colorful wings and Compound Eyes
Thinking they're better than I am

[Verse 2]
Put on my best t-shirt and jeans
Went out to meet a guy like me
Told me he knows a secret truth
"Every difference is the same
The most we can do is place the blame
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Hope no one ever asks for proof"
Sat down to think this through alone
And a harvester stole away my bones
I bet you think that couldn't happen to you

[Verse 3]
Shell on the beach rings like a phone
Inside, I hear, in muffled tones
"We're not so different you and me
Tell me what's unique about you
Hey, we have that in common too"
I shut my big mouth in defeat
Tells me, "for better or for worse
I think you're ready and rehearsed
To be the new Connor Delaney"

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