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Germany's curiously named d**h/thrash outfit Dew-Scented was founded in 1992 by then drummer, later vocalist Leif Jensen. Together with a**orted, short-tenured bandmates, he gradually parlayed a pair of demos (1993's iSymbolization/i and 1994's unnamed promo) into a deal with local independent Steamhammer for 1996's full-length debut, Immortelle. Intensive touring then steadily built the band's fan base, and the addition of guitarist Florian Muller and drummer Uwe Werning helped Jensen, guitarist Ralf Klein, and ba**ist Patrick Helms further refine their high-speed thrash chops over the course of two solid albums, 1998's Dan Swano-produced Innocent and 1999's Ill-Natured (both released by Grind Syndicate Media). Dew-Scented then linked up with Nuclear Blast, and ensuing efforts Inwards (2002 -- recorded as a quartet, following Klein's departure), Impact (2003), and Issue VI (2005 -- featuring new ba**ist Alexander Pahl) saw the group vying with Arch Enemy, the Haunted, and others for the neo-d**h/thrash crown. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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