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Devourment - Deflesh The Abducted lyrics

Returning to this place inside my mind
The darkest place in god's creation
A place where life is brought to suffer
Without feeling mercy
First I take a helpless victim
Back to my lair where I can skin them
Slash at their eyes, a**ault their sense
Revel as they suffer
Deflesh the abducted

The knife leaves trails of blood coming out of its ghastly wounds
Force feed this piece of sh**, piss from my rotting scab encrusted filthy cock
Covering, showering with piss and blood as it twitches, I spit on it
Over and over again
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How lovely, it still speaks with a lust to exist
I rip out its throat, f**ing me with bliss
Abduct the whore, deflesh her more
f** you til your dead, causing me to explode

No more, I can't stand it, something strange like before
A hunger that envelops me, a need for human meat
I rip this b**h's f**ing face off, gorge it right down like a hungry boar
Biting on the warm wet skin, I'm in heaven

Now I will feed on this warm, filthy meat
My hunger frightens me, I don't know if I can tame it
I bite down on its tit, it explodes shooting fluid
I stab out my own eyes, the sweet pain makes me cum

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