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Devourment - f**ed To d**h lyrics

[Lyrics By: Mike Maj**ski]

I'm sick of looking at these filthy a** f**ing slobs
I need some slit to satisfy my dirty cock and if these pigs don't give it up
ill have to get my knife
Or stick a glock to their temple and say "give yourself to me" These urges
are controlling me
I need a cunt around my dick
I need fresh blood
The voices tell me to k**

I creep in search of victims for my lustful needs
I find one and stab her repeatedly
Then drag the blood soaked victim deep into the woods I strip her, no' one
hears her screams
I beat her, I smash my fist in her face
Please k** me she says while breathing her last breath
I clutch my blade with all my might, stab her in the f**ing guts

Now the f**in' fun will begin
I slide my hard cock right in
What a feeling it is
to feel her still warm dead skin
Her limp body still bleeds profusely
with my knife I slice her pretty face,
I cant stop laughing.

[Lyrics from: https:/**ed-to-d**h.html]
My blood drenched cock is pounding so hard
It tears up the skin on my dick
Now my blood is mixed in with this f**in' filthy diseased dead b**h
I breathe heavy, mouth is open
By mistake I swallow blood, I have an idea
The blood gave me a jolt of new pleasure (in this blood)
I then take a chunk from her face and tear skin exposing bone (her skin
Chunks dripping from my chin
I will eat her cunt next

Spread open your legs [x2]
I slide in my wet blade
My dick is so hard my skin is ripping
Her blood sprays in the air like a fountain
Never in my life have I felt such pleasure
My heart is pounding
k**ing is what I'm made for

Now I am full, another idea
I must take sh** on this f**in' b**h
I let one fly onto her face
I then lean down and kiss this b**h
The smell is insane, sh** flows in my veins
It matters not, my cock is now hard again
I jerk off with sh** on my hands
Lust still fills me, in time ill do this again
Again I must k** again [x4]

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