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Devonn Brady - St. Louis ART Museum (S.L.A.M) lyrics


St.Louis n***a
Yeah that's my city
Chilling with all my minions
Black & Grey I hope you feel It
The weather kinda sh**y, but f** it we still winning
For the Cardinals I apply them, but the Rams still tripping

[Verse 1: Devonn Brady]
Well anyway, my city in the building
I'm trying make it, get this paper, f** them rocks and scissors
Love these ladies booty naked in they finest slippers
Screaming out my name up in my city make me cum quicker!
Lip Up
Feel Up
Trill Bruh
f** These
Get Hit
With The
Then any Speedy Gonzalez, my n***as bout it, we bout it
I'm only f**ing with M.O.L.L.Y
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All these hoes like to swallow
Swallow it like a bottle
Probably faded with Michael
Probably faded with Zack Bonds
I take it like that's mine
Her brain was like Einstein
I'm sprung off of that bomb!
Get all in that p**y and i show her a rad time
And n***a I'm the dopiest never spiting a whack line
These other n***as tripping if they think i ain't bout mine
My n***as I'm the realest if we fly, we all fly
So therefore, if we all God, we all God
And n***a yeah if we all died we multiply
And turn into a Army that's going never stop!
Black & Grey
n***a we ball harder than penis pop!
Or that Viagra
Lil' n***a scatter
I eat you like a platter
Eating rappers, I get fatter!
My pockets ain't that fat bruh
Skinny n***a like I'm Zack and
St. Louis got my back
Call that sh** my chiropractor
And Yeah, Beautiful Weather it is
In St. Louis i wish
Just like a man with ex-tense..
Yeah i'm just trying make it big!
But damn it get kinda hard
I mean Who ain't trying do?
But after school I'm going to leave to where the place where they do

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