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Devonn Brady - The Letter A lyrics

[Verse 1: Cory Miller]
Okay I saw your face today, for the first time in a while
Dont take this the wrong way but it kinda made me smile
You used to haunt my mind, the ghost of a good thing
So much has changed since then I though it was just a fling
But I know that I wasn't beacause my heart just skipped a beat
I had a sudden flashback how I swept you off your feet
I think thats why I panicked , it all came back to me
You are the subject of my bittersweet poetry
Can we do this again? can I win you back?
Can I deal with losing you over something that i lack?
I'm not sure if i can do it, no not one more time
But you can't either girl, it's just eating at my mind
And I know its f**ed up that i f**ed up
I need to get my luck up mabye start to look up
Gotta keep me mind focused on school and keep the book up
But its hard to concentrate when you will never trust us

[Hook: Devonn Brady]
The Letter A always gets in the way (x8)

[Verse 2: Lewis Elder]
I know you missing me baby, but how this distance seems lately
Don't give no play to no Ottoman and be my Byzantine lady
I'd put a ring on that finger if I were into commitment
And if submission is your mission well then you can forget it
Drunk nights got you alone on twitter
Ask ya girl to hold ya liquor just to post some pictures
I'd be lying if I said I didn't want you to shape up
I played superhero once but now I hung my cape up
But who you think I'm really thinking bout late at night
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Saying you ain't smoking while ya eyes look like a later flight
Keep rolling snake eyes no no matter how I shake the dice
Girl next door, but I never liked the neighbor type
But we don't need to open up right now
I know it's tough right now, it's all upside down
But I'll be back soon, don't you worry bout me
Just know I miss you, signed, sealed, sincerely me

[Hook: Devonn Brady]
The Letter A always gets in the way (x8)

[Verse 3: Cory Miller]
Swag baby girl, swag for me girl
I like it when you rap for me girl
I know you crushing cuz you got that hair twirl going on for ya, and it looks so damn cute
Let me tell you what im about to do to you, im just trying to get through to you
She said "wait hold after all the sh** that we been through?
You think im just gonna give it all back to you?
Mothaf**a, you got explaining to do
Like how you gonna leave me hanging without a single message from you"
I said I had to do, what I had to do
Ain't no telling what woulda happened if I woulda stayed with you
I was in a bad place, it was something like a hospital
For mentally insane and I know it sounds impossible
But I would lost it boo, then I wouldve lost you boo
But I lost you either way and I dont know what to do
Yeah I said I don't know what to do

[Hook: Devonn Brady]
The Letter A always gets in the way (x8)

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