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Devonn Brady - Divin' In lyrics

[Intro: Devonn Brady]
Can you turn the metronome off
Let the beat ride...

[Verse 1: Devonn Brady]
All I need is some music
All I need is some p**n..
The only things in life that I enjoy
Ya I dont need no live whores

Im a real n***a till my d**h
I thought you f**ing n***as would be my friends until my d**h
But you lied, you lied under God's name
Wait till I make it n***a wait till all this fame..
I'm bout to cum..
All on her f**ing bum
Then her f**ing tongue
Coming from the slums..
Of St. Louis..
I don't even wanna marry this hoes and might just carry these hoes
In a casket tho
I dont f** with no body, I don't f** with them n***as
We dont fuc with them n***as man, we true n***as
We do what we do n***a
My n***as the crew
Black & Grey M.O.L.L.Y move n***a
Ya M.O.L.L.Y
Let the beat ride

[Verse 2: Cory Miller]
Chase the pills, eat the life
All day my mind is racing
Now sh** just racing by
No time to ask why
No time to think
No weed to pa** the time
And i got nothing to drink
My throat be hella dry
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So i got nothing to say
Waste a day to the tv shows
I guess the words won't play
Mind so blank and its black
I think theres no going back
So i smoke another cigarette
Flip a lucky in my pack
Parliament I'm so relaxed
Toxins fill, my lungs collapse
Just breathe, but i can't cause of that song
The Letter A man its coming took too damn long
Hate to tell but i filled up with sad songs
Bout this art, bout this paper that i bleed on
Smoking weed with a couple peons
R Kelly i might pee on
A couple of ya, ain't no f**ing with ya
Got dip in the whip turn the key on
Gotta dip in the whip turn the key on
Getting kinda lame, gonna spark this flame
And be gone

[Hook/Outro: Devonn Brady]
Money money we want it
We coming for it
Royalty the king coming
Kingdom come
Black album
The nation...
That we living in sleeping only wake up
For the people black & grey we the movement n***a keep up
So lethal...
Its so damn lethal
Come up in yur crib n***a k** you and your people
I ain't f**ing steel man
I ain't f**ing 2Pac
I ain't f**ing b**h a** n***as that trying..
2 tops and yea
I dont even know
Im too high in here
Its getting hot in here...
Like Nelly say..

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