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Devonn Brady - Bullsh**tin' Wit D lyrics

[Verse 1: Devonn Brady]
The Letter A
I am an artist, sh**
So I gotta give you ART
And this is ART
All black k**a mode n***a play the part
Hella street smart
Hella book smart
Plus I got that dope dick in my pants
Too make her p**y fart
And start shaking like a stripper
I turn her around bend her over
Then I lick her
But that's the truth tho
17 attached to girl's a**es like poop holes
Like poop holes
That's gross
Freestyle and I'm in it boy!
You kidding boy?
Where ya kittens boy
I don't give a f**
You a p**y cat n***a
Get in the butt
[Lyrics from: https:/**tin-wit-d.html]
Get it in the slut with ya slut
Don't give a f** all up in the.. idk

[Verse 2: Cory Miller]
And Ion know what these people think about me
Lucky XIII opinions now probably sorta doubting
But Ion give a damn what you think about me
ART is ART, only the real can truly feel me
And I been thinking, I been drinking
All in the studio, doing a little tweaking
Shoutout to Oeshins, shoutout to Nxffie
An anybody tryna do it for the f**ing team
Yeah I said we bout to get it
Mandela all up in it
Ya we bout get it
Royalty all up in it
Ya we bout to get it
The Letter A All up in it
The game

[Outro: Devonn Brady]
Yes! Yes!
We did it again!
We did it again..
Black & Grey..

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