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The group Devon played music cla**ified by many fans as Faroese rock. Members of the lineup consisted of lead vocalist and drummer Ronnie Nielsen, ba**ist Petur Mohr Reinert, and guitarist Hjalti Joensen. Devon formed in the early '80s and survived for about a decade. For the new millennium, a number of the group's songs were put together on an album titled Umsidir. Some of the 17 tracks fans can sample on the full-length offering include "Tu Ert, Bestur," "Langt Burt," "Skipsbrot," "Idandi," and "Summarkvold." br /br /A number of talented guest artists helped out on the recordings, including vocalist Malan Thomsen, keyboardists Sunleif Rasmussen and Joan Petur Andrea**en, drummer Hermund Jacobsen, and guitarist Herluf Lutzen, and a number of others. ~ Charlotte Dillon, All Music Guide

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