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Despite Exile - Pure Crimson lyrics

This is for everytime i needed you and you weren't there
This is for people like you who wants everything but gives nothing back
I'm so f**in tired of being the good one
And i'm sure you will fear what i'll become

Open your f**in eyes
All your beliefs will crush on the floor

An animal, the beast, is finally unleashed
Fear me dear cause we're one thing
There's nothing you can do to run away from me
This time there's no place where you can hide

d**h in my eyes
Dead in my arms
d**h in my eyes
Dead in my arms

This is my last calling
This is your cold end

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The time has come for me to take back what was mine
And watch you suffer with your f**in lies
Destroy everything that's on my path
I'll make you suffer
I'll make you all pay
I am the end of your f**in world
I am the one who will make you fall
I am the end
I am your worst fear
I will take everything
Even your f**in dreams

I will take everything from you
I will take all the things you love

I will take your f**ing life

I am the end
I am your worst fear
Pure crimson
This is what tears are made of

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