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Desiigner - 88Rising Freestyle lyrics


Hm, ay

Hit it
The chopper go rolling, you talking sh**'em
Git, hey, for a n***a I'm zombie walking, zombie talking
Got that ratchet on em', hey, that's that China people huh!
All my China people, hey, roll up, git! Hey!

Dead a**, I'm gon' tell em' I'ma go in

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Chopper for a k**er
Chopper gonna drill up on a n***a
You be talking about a dead little n***a
Choppa gonna roll up on a pity little n***a
That dead man gonna roll in my city
Them dead men and dead men them dead men can come and get me, hey!
The Lord'll send them
Run now
Chopper, chopper, run now, ay, this sh** great homie!

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