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Deliverance (italy) - We Are Not Who We Are lyrics

Run my life
Run my dreams
Running around the world

The darkness imprison my mind
And I think to die

The vision of me
It's not real
Lay on my strange bed

Light is turn off and it
Doesn't illuminate my eyes

In this steel tower
The deth smell flutt in air
Strange metal power
Destroy all my brain

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I want respect of my life
I want respect of my dreams
I want to fight against my oppressior
But they destroy my body like you see

Take my joy
Take my fear
Take my soul too
There's small black eye
Scanning in the street of my mind

At the end of vivisection they control
Human progress
Like a dog they throw me here
Brain broken, fare, and horror in me

I want remember of my life
I want remember of my dreams
I want forget my all oppressor
But like ghost reapper on me

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