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Deliverance (italy) - Needle Of Pain lyrics

Walk in my head
To save my dreams
I've broken chains that imprisoned me

Think to my world,
Don't cry again
To see another life
For another... game

Then arrive the wind
To breaks love an life
I'm waiting for my heaven
But falling to your hell

Oh my gods,
My wings are broken by weight
My soul falls down
Into sea of desperated...

Run in my head
Seeking my dreams
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The doors of life are closed again

Now I despair
To escape from me
Dreaming another life
Playing another... game

Then arrive the wind

Feel the power, reborn!
I'm the only one
To fight against gods
The chains of insanity

Bleed my hands
It rattles strong
Say me what is hell?
My strenght beyond gods...

Then arrive the wind

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