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Deliverance (italy) - Deliverance lyrics

When I see my grave
My life escape from my hands
Because the memories are comndanation
I fade in twilight zone

Talking with the natural power
Telling my story I cry
My life split on my face
She never give me a sign

I see the soul of damned
Burn out the fire of loliness
And my soul come to see
My friend in front of me

I'm attending my soul deliverance
That I lost many years ago
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I'm guilty so long time
For god loliness
Walking towards my way
I met the deth beside my face

She is the one who k** my dreams
I fear, I close my eyes
Nevermore to feel the pain
Now my dreams escape from me

Screaming on, I see the future now
To rise the horror that destroy me

I steal your dreams she said me
Your life belong (to) me now
Don't scream because you're sleepin'
Your bad mind "rest in piece my friends"

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