DeJ Loaf - I Got Problems lyrics

Ay, huh, look Oh you thought it was a game huh?
You thought I was only in it for the fame huh?
You thought 'Try Me' was the only song I had huh?
Dropped that 'Sell Sole' then that bag dropped
Price, just went up
20 for them shows, add it up
You see, I'm in it for the long run
Lace me up
Lace me up Look, I don't fear sh**
I know I'm a big deal
Always had drive, since I was ridin' on that big wheel
I had to make moves
Never could I sit still
A.D.H.D but I ain't never take no f**in' pills
Monkey see, monkey do
Ain't none of these monkeys real
How the f** she pull that off
And she still got s** appeal
Gifted, they ain't got my sk**s
Haters like "how she get on?"
Made the right moves
Ain't s** no 'wooh', I kept my panties on
Where was y'all at
Ain't had no milk to go with our honeycombs
Laughing at my haters like
"Oh sh** I hit my funny bone"
Over like Biggie
And see me, I'm like Sean Puffy song
They think this was overnight
See bitter n***as get along
On your fifth mixtape
And ain't nobody heard a song
I know why these n***as mad
'Cause they been grinding wrong
I'm at the dining room table finna dine in
Bosses only
Yeah just me and all my five friends
Get you whacked for some Nike's
Who wear a size 10?
Close your eyes p**y n***a, count to 10
Yeah, n***a count to 10
Look, you ain't sh** lil' n***a
You a jive turkey
Make a call at 5:20, gone 5:30
All I know is workie workie, yeah okie dokie
Sippin' bubbly, watching movies starting Eddie Murphy
All n***as do it play
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That's that Tyler Perry
f** love, f** February
I'm on the verge, yeah I'll pop your lil' cherry cherry
I'm from the D lions tigers
You know crazy Mary
All my dogs selling dog and that Katy Perry
And I just keep having visions of that cemetery
R.I.P my competition, b**hes getting buried
They know I'm hot, they know I'm coming
Man these b**hes worried
I can tell you a hater
I can tell you don't wanna break bread and get paper
I can tell n***as temperature
I can tell n***as salty and they vinegar
I say f** it let's finish here
Remember broke nights
Used to get drunk off that Pinnacle
Liquor deal on the way
I know it 'cause I feel this sh**
Speak it to existence
Keep pussies out my peripheral
I'm really bout my money
Baby I ain't trynna get at you
Shopping with no limit
I can't lie this sh** terrific
Label me a label man
My taste is so exquisite
I heard all about you
You be snitching you be squealing
I be counting blessings
I be in and out them buildings
I made the right decision, I left n***as in they feelings
You know the world f**ed
When n***as cryin' all on Insta
Comment on my pictures n***as really want attention
Hoe that info in her bio, man I'm tired of the fake vixens I say
I say I'ma do me
And be all I can be, DDS
I got problems too
I got problems too
I got problems too Whoa, uh huh
And see that's the thing
And see no this is the thing right here
And see that's the thing

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