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Dead Indian - River Valley Leper Colony lyrics

I know you plan to take me over
And I fear as though you've won your game
Just don't fall in love with me
Don't even let your friends know my name

And I'll put my arms up around you
When you're bleedin' and you've come unglued
You said that you've been here before
And I didn't mean to take you there

And if we could brush ourselves off
Would we like what all was underneath
Would we find a way to cover up crown of thorns
Wear it like a wreath

And I can't count up all the kids
Hung up on crosses that they didn't make
Was it you and I
Or did they climb up and say, 'I'm here to stay'

Can I be understood playin' my songs
Or am I too damn strange
You landed plastered on my porch
And I was telling you you've got to change

And you can pillage what I am if it helps you get the things you need
Could call it all how it is
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You said, 'rape me'
I say, 'if it lives it bleeds.'

And I wish I drowned in the river
When I stumbled in
I reckon just a part of me did
Now it's missing I can't get it back

I've been grinding my teeth in my sleep
And you've been wide awake
Let's get up smoke a cigarette
It's six AM- tell the sun to come up

And when the sun is comin' up
I leave my number and I walk away
Give it time and I'll get well
I just need a few more sober days

I saw myself last night in a dream
And it's not that great
I really wanna die sometimes
Don't understand the force that's stopping me

And I'd like to take back all the sh** I've done
But it's too damn late
Sit and drink my jar of fire
Feel my consciousness dissipate

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