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Dead Indian - Blood & Fire lyrics

I've been livin' on the edge
I've been livin' on the rez
I've been playin your games
You can lead me to the sky
I can show you how to die
You know it's all the same

I been dreamin' of the trees
You been talkin' about disease
I been thinkin' about dying
And when the moon takes down the sun
I'll be up and on the run
And you can hear my cryin'

Blood & Fire
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'Til we expire

There's thunder runnin through my veins
And you've got nothin but your chains
To keep you down til you break
Best schooling of the Earth
Make you question all your worth
And they just take and they take
But at the end of all our days
All our efforts are in vain and try as we might
Well I am tired of the grind
And it's burning up my mind
It's blood & fire tonight

Blood & Fire
'Til we expire

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