DBOY - Ibuprofen lyrics

Ibuprofen lyrics


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How you telling me you love me but don't know what love is Man f** this, wasted all my time on this dumb chick that I'm done with Never knew that love was a drug until I touched it Imma take my time on the next dime that I f** with cause you lied to yeah you f**ing lied to me I thought that you was gonna ride get bread and fly with me Never knew you was unfaithful and so trifling Keep a smile on my face no shedding tears now Heart so cold I can't even f**ing care now Look me in my eye and see the struggles and the fear now I be tryna smoke the pain away and hope for better days Every girl I talk to now a days I swear they on display All they do is stab me in my back and good for throwing shade She want me to control her, yeah

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