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Dayseeker - A God Without A Face lyrics

God won't speak to me
I'm not sure he was ever listening
All those years asking for help
But I was simply talking to myself
Not worthy of your grace
I'm done seeking out a god who won't show his face

Hell awaits all those who won't follow blindly
Lead astray, abandoned, no promise of salvation
Every person put to death in the name of your god
Is it actually worth all of the blood spilled?

Where was god when my heart was split into separate pieces?
He's too busy to pay me any of his attention
He must be dead to stay quiet when I needed guidance for so long
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I will carry your cross no longer

This has to end when I know you don't exist here
No words, no signs to instill in me what is right
I ripped these pages up and mourned the death of god
Nothing to contemplate, your savior's not awake

I don't want heaven or hell when my life ends
You call it unconditional love
I call it nothing but unwavering deceit
I'm terrified to admit this
But I swear that I'm finished with you
I've lost my faith, not lost my way
You parted the Red Sea, but you couldn't show yourself to me
Will we burn in hell or will we simply rot in the ground here

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