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Dayseeker - A Cancer Uncontained (Reimagined) lyrics

You were once invincible, your head help up so high
Who knew this disease would change it all in the blink of an eye
Try to survive father of mine
Who knew this world would have given you such a cruel twist of fate

Your hands won't stop, your hands won't stop shaking

God wasn't so fair to you or me
Gave you a beating heart, then gave you atrophy
A body built to degenerate and you keep breathing all the same

Father, it k**s me to see you so helpless when all you ever wanted was a way out
And you were only given nothing but a wife who packs and leaves
And a crippling disease that eats away at your body but not your soul
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That heart's still got a beat so don't you dare give up on me now
Try to survive father of mine
You know it breaks my heart to watch those tremors take over

Infection spreads so quick with no cure in sight
A cancer uncontained but you still fight
It can't rip away everything about the man I knew
The one who picked me up after all I've been through

I understand why you're terrified to close your eyes each night
It's the fear of never waking up, you have so much more to see
So I'll do all I can to keep that f**ing heart beating
Father, I know your hands won't stop shaking
But those lungs still breathe so don't give up on me

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