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Daya - Insanitarium lyrics

Verse 1-
He been flossing though
Clothes is always crispy as a Claussen yo
Streets is hot as hell
He always show up where his boss will go
Dirty where his boss has been
He took the life of several men
The first time being
Mothers boyfriend at age of 10
He smokes mad cigarettes
Cologne smell of Versace
Plus his palms are blotchy
Love like Joany Chachi
Busting Glocks for papi
But he's sloppy
He buried them in Jersey far from home
But superstorm Sandy
Eroded the soil revealing bone
His cover in the hood been blown
He dabbled in narcotics
Kept his coke
Broken up in a $100 bill in his wallet
Taking key bumps
Puffing in basements his joints of weed plump
Once a week he paid a prostitute
To twerk and speed hump
Bypa**ing all the speed bumps
He focused on his goals
He had a future full of d**
Full of Crime
Full of stripper poles
His balling was out control
Per week it was 50 stacks
The profit cash from a Key
To him it was just a snack
Remarkable matter fact
He came from a den of squalor
Where his mother guzzled s**m
Out of stranger's dicks for a dollar
His father was just a John
He's nothing but devil spawn
The line in the dirt was drawn
Since nobody would respond
His little heart carried on
He grew into something dark and cold
Cuz, he didn't realize what he did
Came back triple fold
Splash and then the ripples go
Effects that come from causes
There is no hesitation when shooting
He never pauses
Never blinks or blacks
Every single move is calculated Jack
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He never slacks
Exotic birds and tigers and a trained macaque
His fleet of vehicles was black
A hatred for the boys in blue
Now tell me what the hell
Can anyone step up to really do?
He lost his marbles
Aimed and shoot his s**m
To make a hooker gargle
Recoil from the high caliber pistol
Broke his metacarpal
Many his possessions sparkle
Most of all his diamonds conflict
All his brothers even mother and his father
Was a Convict
Born into a life of pain
He'll never feel the hurt again
Whats in his brain
Is k**ing motherf**ers all up in the game
He's straight up shot
Jabbing at a punching bag with all he got
New shiny Glock
Was bout to leave the crib
But then he heard a knock
Since sh** is thick
He thinking quick he cocked the gun until it clicked
It could be Crips
Or maybe Bloods he double crossed
On Several Flips
Fat beads of sweat
And then he heard the knock again as loud it gets
Lets off the bets
For sure cuz he's a vet
No hesitating pet
He starts to shoot
Reloaded with the ammo clip he towed in boot
The sound went Mute
Perhaps it was the detects that was in pursuit
He peeped the door
Swiss cheesed more
Than it was before
But then he saw
Something so shocking
That it dropped his Jaw
It couldn't be
From shock the site before him dropped him to his knees
Cuz now he sees
That all along he's been living with a disease
He saw himself
Shadow of the man he was
And stripped of wealth
And nothing else
A patient at an institute for mental health
(Insane Asylum Skit)

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