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David Sage - Welcome lyrics

Woah, oh

[Verse 1]
Welcome to the greatest show
Greatest show on earth
You've never seen before
Here the fairytale unfolds

[Verse 2]
What's behind the smoke and gla**?
Painted faces, everybody wears a mask
Are you selling them your soul?
Well you'll be left out in the cold

[Verse 3]
Is it all blue skies
Fun and games until you fall
Then you're left without anyone at all
You're riding on a shooting star
With a smile upon your face
But soon the shine fades
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And you're left out all alone
Wondering where did they all go?

[Verse 4]
Been jaded, hated
Who'll be around when the limelight's faded?
Been shut down, pushed out
Made to smile when I wanted to frown

Always taking a bow
Always working the crowd
Always breaking new ground
Always playing the clown
Who'll be sticking it out?
Who'll be staying around
When the lights go down?

[Whistles to fade]

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