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David S. Goyer - Meta-Human Research lyrics

Diana is readying her bags, with the lights flickering and the television showing a reporter next to the Kryptonian ship with the news ticker "Metropolis in the dark / power surges from ship". Diana goes to her laptop, checks her e-mail. A new message from "Wayne, Bruce" is there, titled "Boys Share Too".

Cracked Luthor's Drive, found your photography. But it doesn't belong to you...

Diana is intrigued. She scrolls down further... IS you.

Diana covers her forehead in disbelief, and scrolls down some more.
Who are you?
Where have you been?

Diana then see an attachement titled "Lex Corp - Meta Human Research". Once opened, there are four folders "from an unauthorized source", each represented by an icon and a two letter title. She ignores the first, titled "Subject: WW", and opens the others.

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On Subject: FL, Diana picks the file "Surveillance_Camera_01".
Surveillance camera of a convenience store. [A burglar holds the cashier at gunpoint, a man far looks at it, and uses superhuman speed to tackle him unconscious before returning to where he was. The store lights also explode as he does so.

Diana is shocked. On Subject: AQ, she opens "Research_Ship_1A"
Oceanic images, HUD reads "TONGA TRENCH (21,582 FT) - PROPERTY OF US UUV ALPHA 1." An underwater probe approaches an aquatic cave. There, two eye-like lights glow. Once the probe's light hits the source, it reveals a muscular, bearded man holding a trident, who proceeds to strike at the camera. The feed cuts to UUV ALPHA 2, where an entity swimming at incredible speed rises from the cave. The displaced water hits the camera with great force, shutting it down.

Diana then opens Subject: CY, goes straight to...
Footage of a laboratory, HUD reads "Journal of Dr. Silas Stone", "Laboratory 03" and "PROPERTY OF S.T.A.R. LABS". Dr. Stone, a black man wearing gla**es and a tie, stands in front of the camera. Behind him is a board-like structure where a man's torso with severed arms is connected through wires and IVs to all kinds of nearby stuff.

2400 hours and 2 minutes. Subject declining rapidly. All procedural interventions have failed. Outcome... would be d**h.

Image cuts to four hours later. Dr. Stone takes off his gla**es and rubs his eyes. Five hours further around, Stone, wearing operating room PPE screams in frustration and throws a gla** object across the room. 2 hours later, Stone, looking sad, removes the protective cap. 4 more hours, Stone, now in casual wear, stands in front of a mysterious black box and speaks into a portable recorder.

Dr. Silas Stone suspending all clinical protocol. US Gov object 6-19-82 is successfully activated.

Two minutes later, the box is glowing, floating and pulsating. Stone gets out of its way, the box flies towards the torso, shooting lightning as it does so. The electrical discharges disintegrate the box into the torso, creating appendages and repairing his body whilst also causing intense pain and suffering, and the awakened body screams just as Dr. Stone rushes to the camera to turn it off.
Diana just can't believe it. She closes the notebook and walks away.

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