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David S. Goyer - Man Of Steel lyrics

Kal-El (Superman) is born naturally on Krypton. The landscape of Krypton is shown as the scenes cut to the throne room with JOR-EL leading the debate.

You do not understand. Krypton core will soon be destroyed.
We may only have a few weeks.
I warned you, to harvest the core would be suicide, it accelerates the process of core explosion

Our energy reserves were exhausted, what would you have us do EL?

We look to the stars as did our ancestors did, there are habitable worlds within reach.

Are you suggesting we evacuate all people on this planet?

No, everyone her is already dead.
Give me the control of the codex, there is still hope, I have held that very hope in my hands_(interrupted by ZOD and his soldiers k**ing guards)

This council has been disbanded

On whose authority?

Mine, (shoots and k**s Ro-Zar) You all will be tried and punished accordingly.

What are you doing, Zod? This is madness.

What I should have done years a go.
These fools with their tireless debates, has led Krypton to ruin.

And if your forces prevail? You will be the leader,of nothing.

So join me, help me save our race. We will start anew and erase the degenerative bloodlines that led us to this state.

And who determines which bloodlines survive, Zod, You?

Do not do this, El. The last thing I want is for us to be enemies.

You have abandoned the principles that brought us together. You have taken up the sword and against your own people. I will honor the man you once were, Zod, not this monster you've become.

Take him away.

Zod's men take Jor-El to his home and they approach the door.

Sir, is everything alright?

Get out of the way.....(Jor nods to Keelor as they prepare to take down the men) I said ...(Men taken down)

Get me Lara.

Jor ... behind you! (Jor shoots and k**s intruders)

Lara, prepare release. I'll see you soon.

(Jor summons his flying creature to travel to where the Kryptonian DNA codex is located)


The codex is just beneath the central hub sir, but I'm compelled to warn you, entering the chamber is subject to a cla** B crime, punishable by..(Jor interrupts)

No one cares anymore, Keelix. The world will is about to come to an end.

Jor-El, by the orders of General Zod, surrender the codex.

(Jor thinks for a moment and then jumps off cliff into midair and lands on H'raka, they escape, but H'raka is wounded)

Easy there, H'raka.

(H'raka lands and dies on Jor's platform and he runs inside)

Did you find the world?

We have.

Orbiting a yellow star,just as you said it would.

A young star, his cells will drink its radiation. They are a seemingly intelligent population.

He will be an outcast, a freak. They'll k** him.

How? He would be a god to them.

What if the ship doesn't make it? He will die out there, alone.
I can not do it, I thought I could do it, but ...

Lara, Krypton is doomed, it's his only chance now. It is the only hope of our race...

(Keelix makes a sound)

What, is it Keelix?

The military are on their way.

I'll upload the codex.

No, wait.

Lara ...

Let me look at him....

We won't get to see him walk, hear him say our names.

Out there, among the stars, he will live.

Good-bye, my son, our hopes and dreams travel with you.

Shoot the main door!
- Lady Lara, flight preparation is complete. - Turn the engine.
General ...
We identify a machine that lights up in there.
The launch.
Keep this balcony.
I know you stole his codex, Jor-El.
Leave it to me, then I'll let you live.
This is a second chance for Krypton.
Not only lineage that you think deserve to live.
What have you done?
We have kids, Zod.
A son.
The first natural birth on Krypton for centuries.
He will be free. Free to determine their own destiny.
Lara, listen to me!
The Codex, is the future of Krypton.
Launch abort!
Your son ... Where did you send it?
His name is ...
Is Kal.
Son of El.
And he was far from reach.
Shoot down the plane.
Target locked.
Drop your weapons. You already besieged.
General Zod ...
The crime of murder and threaten people ...
The council then decided to punish you and your men ...
Underwent 300 cycles of somatic reconditioning.
There are the last words?
You're all losers.
You just follow your head, Send us into the black hole forever.
Jor-El was right.
You're just a bunch of fools. All of you.
And you ...
Do you believe your son safe?
I'll find it.
I will take back, What do you take from us.
I'll find it.
I'll find it, Lara.
I'll find it!
Lady Lara ...
You do not cover?
There is no shelter, Ex-Or.
Jor-El was right.
This is the end.
Make it a better world than our world, Kal.
Be careful, my friend. Stay alert or you will die.
Where they found you, an amateur?
Gentlemen. Secure the deck. There is an emergency call from the rig 2 west.
Secure the deck.
You gotta get away. Rig is about to explode.
Received, the coast guard. What about the people who are still stuck there?
- Forget them, they would not have survived. - Amateur, bring binoculars!
Immediately transport the people on the upper deck. Do it quickly and get out of here.
Wait, there are some people on the helipad.
Come on, quickly!
Quick haul the last of it. We have to go now!
Hey, let's go! What are you doing?
Come on, go!
You listen to me?
You want to answer the question?
You're okay, Clark?
- Clark, come out. - Leave me alone!
Clark, I will call your mother.
I'm here! Clark, dear. This mother.
You want to open the door?
- What's wrong with him? - He's weird.
His parents had to persuade him, he should be ashamed.
Dear ... How can you help you if you do not let Mom go?
This world is too big, Mom.
So make so little.
Focus on my voice.
Think there is an island, in the middle of the ocean.
Can you see it?
I can see it.
Swim there, dear.
What's wrong with me, Mom?
Hey, loser.
You want to play?
- Leave him alone. Pete. - What? You're her boyfriend?
I want to hear his own he has spoken.
Come on, loser!
My son was there, he was there on a bus.
He saw what Clark.
I know, so maybe he thinks ...
This miracle of God, Jonathan.
This really makes no sense.
- I think he's just exaggerating. - Not.
Lana saw. Also the other children. Clark's first time doing this.
I just wanted to help.
I know, but we've discussed this. Right?
Right? We talked about this. You have to ...
Clark, who you are you have to keep it.
So what should I do? Let them die?
There are things more important and should be covered instead of all that is around us.
And the world ....
And if the world know what you can do, it will change everything.
I believe this will bring up the question: "What does it mean to be a human?"
You've seen how Pete's mother reaction, right?
He fears, Clark.
- People out there will not understand. - Is he right?
What is God doing this to me?
Tell me.
We found you in here.
We thought there would be people coming government. But nobody came.
It is in there with you.
I took it to the experts of metal in Kansas ...
They say, any object made of this ...
Which obviously is not listed in the periodic table.
In other words came not from this world, Clark.
Likewise you.
You are the answer, son.
You are the answer to the question: "Are we alone in the universe?"
I do not want it.
I do not blame you, kid.
Maybe you will be hard to accept this, but you're not the ordinary man, Clark. and I believe you ...
You were sent here for a reason.
It will not change who you are, and someday ...
Someday ... You have to make a choice.
Choice whether you're going to defend the human race or not.
I can not continue to pretend to be your son?
You are my son.
But somewhere out there, you ...
You've got another father who gave you another name.
He sent you here for a reason, Clark.
And although it will take time for the rest of your life, you have to figure out what that reason.
- Stand back, Letto. Seriously. - Oh, come on.
- Stop it! - Sit down.
Hey! Leave him alone.
Or what, big guy?
Or ... I have to ask you to leave.
I think I really want to go.
Oh, it's him.
It was not worth it, dear.
Hey, a**hole. Do not forget to tip her.
Thank you.
- Miss Lane, how are you? - Good.
- Jed Eubanks, Arctic Cargo. - How far is the station?
- Not much, I'll drive. - All right.
Let us bring her purse. Yo, pick up her bag.
Be careful with it, heavy bag.
I'm impressed, Miss Lane. I read your story in the Daily Planet.
It is rather difficult to understand, but in the first edition, writing is very good.
What can I do, I write what it is ...
Miss Lane, Colonel Hardy. This Dr. Emil Hamilton ...
You're early.
We thought you were coming tomorrow.
That's why I came today.
So let's get one thing straight, okay?
The reason I'm here is because this area of Canada ... So you do not have any power to me.
So, if we're done measuring the penis, Can you show me what you find?
NASA satellite found ice anomalies.
There are no natural ice formed there, but it's ...
- ... It was definitely something else. - What was the USSR submarine?
Perhaps, it is located 300 meters below the surface d. Given the gridlock has not been done because of limited equipment.
It will make you interested.
Ice layer around the object, He was almost 20,000 years.
Miss Lane?
Stay close.
The weather will be very cold that night.
This is it.
What if I want to pee?
There is a bucket in the corner.
Where are you going?
It's okay, it's okay. That's all right.
You're bleeding inside.
I had to burn the wound.
- How? - I can do things that no one else could.
Hold my hand. It will be a little sore.
What was presumed to Colonel Hardy and his team as the Soviet Union submarine ...
Actually something much more exotic.
Based on the analysis of the ice layer that protects the surface of the object ...
The object was estimated to have been buried for more than 18,000 years.
And the people who saved me ...
He disappeared along with the departure of the object.
Employment history and identity was counterfeit.
The question that arises is, What will be my savior again show themselves?
Because I know what I saw.
This led me to the conclusion that the object and its pa**engers, not of earth origin.
I can not print it, Lois. You may experience a little delusional.
What about civilian contractors supporting the story?
- Pentagon denied that they had seen. - Of course they do.
That's what they should do, the Pentagon.
Perry, come on. It's all about me. I'm a reporter who won Pullitzer.
So act like it.
- Print it, or I'll go. - No, you're hired.
I'm not going to print the news, "Alien's in our midst."
That will not happen.
Put my article on the Website. My editor said that this news does not make sense to be news magazine.
But, do not you describe my site as horrible cancer, and the site fails?
I'm sorry, Woodburn.
- But I wish this story was widespread. - Why?
Because I want to know my secret man, If I knew the truth.
All operating systems.
See you've grown this big ...
Lara will surely be proud of you.
Who are you?
I'm your father, Kal.
Or reflection. His consciousness.
My name is Jor-El.
That's my name?
Kal-El. Very true
Answer the question.
Where did I come from?
Why did you send me here?
You're from Krypton.
Our world, with an environment that is much different from here.
Once upon a time ...
When the expansion era.
Our race, go explore the stars.
Looking for a new world to be occupied.
This ship is one of the thousands of our reconnaissance ship.
We build outposts on the new planet. With a machine that can adjust the ideal environment for us.
For more than 1000 years, we are rapidly growing civilization.
Perfect miracle.
What happened?
Population control was created.
Exploration of the posts eventually abandoned.
But it consumes the most important resource.
As a result, the core of our planet becomes unstable.
Finally, our military leader, General Zod ...
But it was already too late.
Your mother and I send you to the earth.
We had to do to ensure your safety.
This is a room "Creation".
Everyone Krypton created in this place.
Each child designed to be part of the community. As workers, soldiers, and leaders.
Your mother and I believe that Krypton could produce something more valuable.
Element of choice.
What if a child does not choose to be what has been determined by the community?
What if a child chose to become something bigger?
You are the one who is different, Kal. Krypton first natural birth for centuries.
That is why we take a lot of risks to save.
Why do not you come with me?
We can not, Kal.
No matter how much we want it. No matter how much we love you.
Your mom Lara, and I am a product of the failure of our planet, just as Zod.
- Zod alone. - Not.
There are so many kids in the world, Just like in Krypton.
You can be the bridge between these two worlds.
Like your mother and I are dedicated to keeping alive.
Earth people are different from us, it's true.
But I do believe it's a good thing.
So they will not make mistakes like us. You will lead them, Kal.
You're going to give them hope.
That is the meaning of this symbol.
El family symbol means "Hope".
With the hope people will believe, if all people are basically good.
That's what you should teach them.
Why am I so different from them?
Sun they were young, and also brighter.
Body cells absorb radiation. Make your muscles stronger.
Sharpen all your senses.
Lighter gravity here, they do not dense like atmosphere of our planet.
You've grown a lot stronger than I thought.
To know how strong you are ...
You have to continually test your limits.
You will teach on the Earth, thought to keep fighting.
They will follow behind you.
They will be clustered, and also will fall.
But when the time comes ...
They will join you at sunrise.
In time ... You're going to help them, perfect miracle.
How do you find someone who all his life trying to hide his true identity?
Urban Legend is a story, so I decided to start investigating ...
His friends, and all those who claim to have seen it.
For some people, he is a guardian angel.
For others, he is a ghost that is not acceptable.
I saw him hold the rig's own ... / i
The longer, the story is getting to form a pattern.
- Pete Ross, you know? - Yes, he worked at Ihop.
Just down the road there ...
Pete Ross?
I want to talk about the crash you experienced as a child, when the school bus fell into the river?
Mrs. Kent?
I Lois Lane of the Daily Planet.
Shut up!
I'm from the Daily Planet and want to talk about your son.
I figured if I followed all the tracks, I'll find you.
Where are you from?
What are you doing here? Let me write stories.
For what? What if I do not want to spread this story?
The story soon spread.
Someone will find a picture of you, or know where you live.
So I will disappear again.
The only way you in order to really disappear is to stop helping people, and I guess it's not an option for you.
My father believed ...
If the world knew what I was.
They will reject me. For fear of ...
I'm tired just stay quiet.
I want to do something useful in my life.
- So farming was, it will make you useful. - Not what I meant.
Our family has been farming for five generations, Clark.
Family, not the family.
I do not know why I have to hear you. You're not my father.
- You're just a guy who found me in the field. - Clark!
It's okay, Martha.
This kid really.
We are not your parents.
We do our best as we can ...
We only want the best for you. Maybe ...
Perhaps we have no useful advice for you anymore.
Listen ...
- Dad, I'm just ... - Hold.
Go to the bridge.
Go over the bridge!
Take refuge! Take refuge!
Hank was still in the car!
- I'll take it. - No, do not.
Bring your mother to the bridge.
Come on boy, come on!
- Jonathan! - Mom, stay here.
I let my father die, for I believe him.
Because he a**ured me, I have to wait.
Because the world is not ready.
What do you think?
Be careful, Lois.
Hey, Perry was furious to you.
He knows you and Woodburn who put the article on the internet.
I told you not to do this.
You let Woodburn made everyone dumbfounded on the internet.
Now everyone will sue you.
If this can make a difference, I did not continue it.
Wow, just like that?
Yes I am
What happened to all the clue?
Everything is a dead end. The story is a myth.
Or maybe because it does not fit your expectations.
Suspended for 2 weeks, without pay, the sentence.
- Do it like this again, you're fired. - All right.
- Plus so 3 weeks since you readily agreed. - Perry!
No, no.
I know you find anything, Lois.
But you can not disclose now.
So any excuse to not continue. I think you've done the right thing.
Can you imagine the reaction of everyone on this planet ...
If they know there are people like this out there?
Pick him!
Look at you ...
They had a reporter here.
He's a friend. Do not worry.
T plaqin syt?
- I find them. - Who?
My parents.
My people.
I know where I come from now.
Wow. That's wonderful.
I'd love to, Clark.
- What? - It's okay.
When you were a baby, when we first found you. You're trying to breathe.
It is very difficult for you.
You keep trying. I'm always anxious all the time.
You're worried that the truth will be revealed.
The truth about the origin do you suggest? It was beautiful.
We were waiting for this moment since I first found you.
I was anxious, if one day, All the world will know all that.
I just ...
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I'm worried that they will take you away from me.
I'm not going anywhere, ma'am.
I promise.
General Swanwick, sir.
What exactly is the object, explain. Comet? Asteroid?
Comets can not change direction, General.
Images that you see are taken from the telescope, Looks like a plane.
They move in orbit around the moon.
But we do not know why.
You've already tried ... Communicate with them?
They have not responded.
I speculate ...
Whatever the object was, he would go dramatically.
Anyone know where they store the cartridge?
- What is it? - It's in the news.
You have to see it.
Yes. I was there.
You are not alone.
You are not alone.
You, not themselves.
My phone also.
My name is General Zod.
I come from a planet far away from here.
I have been exploring the stars, to reach your planet.
For some time, your world has sheltered one of my citizens.
I suggest that you give this person to me.
For unknown reasons, he chose to cover his true identity from all of you.
He's trying to blend in with all of you.
She looks like you.
But he's not one of you.
For those of you who know where this guy ...
The fate of the planet, is in your hands.
For Kal-El, I say this.
Give up within 24 hours.
Or this planet will suffer the punishment.
If he did not intend to hurt, he would have met them. And keep us from the punishment. / I
If he himself did not want to do it, maybe we should do it. / i
Lois Lane of the Daily Planet to know this person. / i
I think he was the one who had you interviewed. / i
Wait, so you mean Lois Lane ... / i
- Hello? - Are you watching this crap?
Has been published since this morning.
I can not believe with the Woodburn this. So you see it? You know where he is?
No. Even if I did not know was going to say.
The whole world is being threatened.
Now is not the time to keep it a secret.
This is serious, Lois. The FBI is here.
I have to go.
FBI, raise your hand! Drop the bag, now!
According to experts, we do not know anything about their abilities. / i
According to a government official, the message we saw yesterday was not a threat. / i
This of course leaves the question on the minds of many people: / i
Who is Kal-El's this? / i
Does he really exist? How can he exist in our midst? / I
Get out, loser.
Come on, fight me!
Wake up, Kent!
Just like that?
Is that all you got?
Come on, Kent!
Come on!
Did they hurt?
You know they can not.
That's not what I mean. Are you okay?
I really want to hit the boy. I really want to do so.
I know you want to do.
Part of me also wants to see you hit the boy.
But what are you going to feel better?
You have to decide to grow into what kind of man, Clark, for ...
So any man, good or bad ...
He will change the world.
What do you think?
- I do not know where to start. - It's up to you.
The overnight flight ...
I'm the one they are looking for.
You know ... Why do they want you?
He is General Zod. If I give no guarantee he will keep his promise, but ...
If there is a chance, I will try my best to save the world.
What should I do?
What did your Lord say to you?
Zod can not be trusted.
The problem is ...
I'm not sure the world believe me.
Sometimes you have to hang it all on fate ...
Confidence will come later.
You've got our attention. What do you want?
I want to speak to Lois Lane.
What makes you think he's here?
Do not mess around, General.
I'll surrender.
But only if there is collateral free Lois.
Why did you give up on Zod?
I gave up on the human race. There's a difference.
You let men cuff?
Not give his name when I fight.
And if this can make them feel more secure. Yes. I do not mind.
What stands for "S" it?
This is not the "S".
In my planet, this means "Hope".
Here, the "S".
What if ...
Super ...
- My name is Dr ... - Emil Hamilton.
I knew. I can see the ID in your pocket ...
Together with chewing gum that had eaten half.
I also saw a lot of soldiers in the next room, there are also anti-radiation equipment.
You're not going to need it.
Sir, we have to take precautions, you may bring an alien virus.
I've been here for 33 years, doctor. 've Never infect anyone.
But you already know.
We have security procedures. You've been giving identity to Miss Lane.
Why do not you do the same to us?
Explain one thing here, General.
You can not control me.
You can not. And never will be.
But that does not mean I'm your enemy.
So who? Zod?
That's what I feared.
If that's the case, I was given orders to give you up to him.
Do what you gotta do, General.
Thank you.
For what?
Because believe me.
It has no meaning now.
For me yes.
They come.
You've got to go now.
Go on, Lois.
Kal-El. I'm Commander Zod, Faora-Ul.
On behalf of General Zod, I said greetings from him.
- Are you the highest officer here? - Yes.
General Zod asked that ... These women come with me.
You're asking for an alien. This woman is not a citizen of you.
Do I have to report at the General ... Reluctance to obey you?
I can not wait.
That's all right.
I'm going with.
Atmosphere in our plane was not fit for humans.
You must wear breathing apparatus.
You do not know how long we were looking for.
- Must be a long time, Zod. - General Zod, our commander.
It's okay, Faora. I can tolerate incivility Kal.
He is a stranger in our race. We should celebrate this.
Not conflict.
I ... Feel weird.
- What happened to him? - His body rejected the plane atmosphere.
It took a long time to adapt to your environment, but he could not adapt to our environment.
- Help him. - Can not.
Whatever happened to him, Let this be a lesson to him.
Please him.
Please him.
Hello, Kal.
Or would you rather be called Clark?
That's the name they give to you, is not it?
I was a military leader of Krypton. Your father is our scientists.
The only thing we agreed on is dying Krypton.
He's against me to defend civilization, and save our planet.
I and my people locked up in the Phantom Zone (Zona shadow).
Finally, the destruction of our planet is our liberating.
We tossed around.
We floated in the middle of the rubble of destruction, until we starve.
How did you get to the earth?
We utilize the projector Phantom power for driving at the speed of hyperdrive ....
They modify in some parts.
Thus, our condemnation instruments ...
Be our savior.
We explored all the old colonial outposts, looking for signs of life.
But all we found were dead.
With the destruction of Krypton, these posts automatically also died.
We take what can still be used.
Armor, weapons, even the "World Engine".
Over the 33 years we prepare ourselves.
Until finally, we detect danger signal, which you activate when accessing reconnaissance aircraft.
You who brought us here, Kal.
Now with your strength, you can save all that remains of your race.
In Krypton, the genetic code of all the people who were born, encoded in the population records.
Your father stole the codex containing the note, and put it into a capsule that brought you here.
For what purpose?
Krypton in order to live again.
On earth.
Where his Codex, Kal?
If Krypton alive again ...
What happens to the earth?
Foundations must be built on something.
Even his own father knew.
No. Zod.
I do not want to be a part of this.
- So where do you want to take part? - Not!
Father's d**h brings her pride, Kal.
You do, k** him?
Yes I am
Although it was very painful for me.
But if I had to do it again, I would do it.
I have a responsibility towards the nation.
And I'm not going to let anyone stop me.
Report the situation, Major.
Two small planes launched from aircraft alien.
- Show. - Yes, sir.
That's it.
- Show Starcom 4, give a closer picture. - Yes, sir.
Command, ready for attack. There are two alien spacecraft approaching.
Starcom 4 online.
- Velocity? - 380 knots, and did not respond to our signals.
You're just a waste of energy.
All the power you get from the sun has been neutralized in this ship.
Here, in this neighborhood.
You're as weak as humans.
Where did you come from?
From the command key, Miss Lane. Thanks to you, now that I uploaded to the mainframe this ship.
Who are you?
I am the father of Kal.
Can you help us?
I who designed this ship.
I can change the environment suitable for humans.
We have to stop them. We had to send them back to the Phantom Zone.
I can teach you.
As much as I teach Kal. Trust me.
Crew immediately here. You have to be quick. Unplug the key.
- Did you do it? - Yes, grab his gun.
What happened?
Your right, shoot.
Behind you.
Lie low in the pod.
Be careful, Miss Lane.
Once you get in, we'll never meet again.
Remember, Phantom Drive will stop them.
Move your head to the left.
What was that saying about Zod his codex?
Destroy the panel.
I want you to learn to be human first.
Nati until one day, when the time comes ...
You could be the bridge between the two races.
You can save, Kal.
You can save them all.
You'll be safe here.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
I do not mean to say all of them, they do something to me, there is something in my mind ...
It's okay, Lois. They also do the same thing to me.
The plane, where is he?
Go to hell!
Her Codex is not here.
- Where is he hiding? - I do not know.
Where his codex?
You think ... could threaten ... My mother?
What are you doing to me?
My parents taught me to control all my senses, Zod.
Focus on what you want to see.
If not, you feel everything.
And it hurt. Right?
Away from the window!
Entered into. Take refuge.
All aircraft, Guardian here. Air mission commander.
There is likely to occur close combat.
They are very dangerous. We have been allowed to use lethal weapons.
Accepted, Guardian. We are close to the target.
All aircraft, weapons ready. You heard, prepare weapons.
Thunder 11, I saw three targets.
Thunder 11, nice shots. Immediately do another attack.
Accepted, Guardian. Prepare a second attack on the two remaining targets.
Thunder 11! Get out! Get out!
Thunder 11, get out!
There are enemies closer!
Oh, sh**.
You're weak, son of El.
Not sure of myself.
In fact, you have a moral stance, and we do not have.
That gives us an advantage in evolution.
And history has proven it all.
That evolution always wins.
Land team will be landing shortly. Secure the area.
Come on everybody!
Ready Sergeant, come on!
All ground personnel, Begin the attack on the target.
Target at 1 o'clock. How about a blue shirt?
I said, all of the target.
Contact! contact!
Are you okay?
Land team, we will fall!
Land team, we will fall!
Land team, Guardian falls. Repeat, Guardian falls.
Guardian, you hear? Thunder 12, call the Guardian. Guardian, you hear?
Thunder 12 here Guardian. Use all your weapons, Protect helicopter crashed, approaching danger.
Accepted, the danger approaching. Good luck, sir.
Beautiful d**h, is your present.
You're not going to win.
For every person that you saved, we will k** millions more.
What enemies have been neutralized? What has been neutralized?
Alpha Team, responsible! Team Alpha, do you hear? Team Alpha?
This man is not our enemy.
Thank you, Colonel.
I'm fine.
Great costumes, kid.
I'm sorry.
All already happened, Clark.
We can always fix it.
But you can not.
Zod says codex that could turn my back races.
What is a good thing?
I guess they are not interested in sharing the world with us.
I know how to stop them.
- What's going on down there? - We are experiencing weak for a while.
It is a fair consequence.
Because I know where his codex.
Her Codex was never there in the capsule.
Jor-El took his codex, DNA billions of people ...
And put it into his body cells.
All descendants of Krypton, Living in the body of a refugee.
Is Kal-El must live so that we can extract the codex from the cell body?
Prepare the "World Engine".
What happened?
The plane was split into two, one leading to the east, The other leads to the southern hemisphere.
- What is the speed of the plane? - Approaching Mach 24 and faster.
It seems to be past the South Indian Ocean.
The heat level increases.
- Show now. - Yes, sir.
Turn on the "Phantom Drive" her.
We are ready to begin the process.
What do they do?
This sort of gravity gun.
Fired by planes ..
They increase the ma** of the Earth, Meet the atmosphere with particles.
They do the "Terraform".
What is it?
Build the planet by changing the atmospheric structure and topography.
They turn the Earth into Krypton.
What will happen to us?
If you see this, There will be no more "we".
General Swanwick, sir.
I can report from the control tower, Colonel Hardy and Superman with him on his way.
Alien was, sir. They call him, "Superman".
We have a plan, General.
What we should know?
This small aircraft.
The aircraft carries a charge called "Phantom Drive". Sophisticated equipment.
They use the same technology. We can make two "Drive" collide.
Secularity is formed.
- Like a black hole? - Yes.
If we could crash it, in theory it would stop.
So you want us to bomb that with that?
No, weighing up to 17,000 pounds. We will drop it from a plane C17.
That's the plan.
If I do not stop the engine in the Indian Ocean, the gravitational field will be more widespread.
If the object was completely change the Earth into Krypton ...
Would not you be so weak nearby?
But it will not make me stop trying.
Maybe you can back off a little.
Maybe a little longer.
- Take over the leadership. - Yes, sir.
I had to secure the room "Creation" ...
And visit my old friends.
Guardian already airborne. Package has been taken.
The key is accepted. Room "Creation" is opened.
Stop this, Zod.
There is still time.
You never stop lecture me, huh? Though already dead.
- I will not let you use the Codex like this. - You do not have the power to stop me.
This command will remove the lock your authority.
The ship was completely under my control.
Northcom Lighting 1, asked for permission to attack.
Northcom Lighting 1, you are permitted to strike. Send "Battle Damage" there. Completed.
Missile failed, we can not penetrate the gravitational field. We have to close.
Alright everybody, we have to go.
We leave this building now.
I just lost "Wingman".
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
Everybody, come here!
Everything over here!
Come on, Come on!
Our people can live side by side.
So we have to live with grief like son?
- You're talking about ma** slaughter. - Yes.
And I was debating this with a ghost.
We both are ghosts, Zod.
You can not see it?
Krypton that you imagine it's gone.
- What is artificial intelligence authorities have taken over? - It is.
Be prepared to remove it. I'm sick of this debate.
Shut me will not change anything.
Son ...
Is the man twice more powerful than you.
He will finish what we started.
I promised that.
Tell me.
You have a memory of Jor-El, his consciousness.
Can you feel the misery?
I will extract the codex of corpses son.
And I will build Krypton, Above the bones.
Jenny, Jenny, Jenny! Jenny, where are you?
- I'm here. - Jenny!
Hold on, hold on!
I'm stuck, I can not move it.
Well, we'll get you out of here, okay? Hold on.
- Do not leave me! Please do not leave me! - We will not leave you.
Lombard! Come and help me!
This, we lift together, okay? Come on!
Getting closer! Come on, push!
- Northcom, Guardian here, what can we drop the charge? - Negative, Guardian.
Come on, push!
He succeeded.
Northcom, Guardian here, we are ready to drop the charge.
God bless you, Guardian. Drop the package.
We are preparing for the final round.
Now all depends on you and Hamilton.
You must be kidding.
- Lord Master, what package is ready dropped? - Negative, Guardian.
- Something is wrong, it should not be like this. - It should look like?
- It should go in everything. - Let me see.
Co-pilot, took over the helm.
Co-pilot took over the helm.
We are ready to drop! What's the matter?
The key would not enter.
Aim the plane.
Target locked.
Don't ...
If you destroy this ship, you destroy Krypton.
Krypton've got a chance.
Miss Lane, aside from there! Miss Lane!
Go on, sir!
Beautiful d**h, is your present.
What they're gone?
I think so.
He saved us.
You know people say all will not go well after the first kiss?
I guess that's true if you smell is human.
Look at this.
We can build a new Krypton here, but you're more human than our choosing.
I live only to protect Krypton.
It is to fulfill your purpose in life since I was born.
And every step I took, no matter how cruel or sadistic ...
It is for the good of my people.
And now ...
I got your people.
My soul ...
That is ... which you take ... me!
I will make them suffer, Kal.
People who adopt this, I would snatch them all away from you, one by one.
You're a monster, Zod.
And I'm going to stop you.
There is only one way to stop this, Kal. You are dead, or me.
I was born to be a soldier, Kal.
I've trained my whole life, control of all my senses.
Where were you trained?
On the farm?
You really love these guys.
And you can be more of them.
Do not do this!
Stop it!
Stop it!
- What are you stupid? - One of your surveillance drones.
- That equipment worth 12 million dollars. - It's true.
I know you're looking for a hiding place. You'll never find.
Now I ask you one thing.
How I'm sure one day you're not going to attack America?
I grew up in Kansas, General. I'm very American style.
Listen, I'm here to help. But I do it on my own.
And you have to convince Washington about it.
Even if I did, You think what they want to hear?
I do not know, General.
I think you should start with trust.
Why smiling, Captain?
No, sir.
I think she's s**y.
- Get in the car, Captain. - Yes, sir.
He always believed you were meant to be great.
And when that day comes, you show that you can carry it all.
Yes, I hope he saw it from up there.
He saw it, Clark. Trust me.
What will you do, When you're not saving the world.
- Have you thought about that? - Yes, it is.
I had to find a job, where I can keep track of everything.
People will think twice if it saw me.
I will mingle among them. Began to ask questions.
Come on, Lois. They will throw the ball at me.
Front seat at the game tonight. What do you think?
I think you should go back to your office. Maybe there are things that you have not been completed.
Front seat?

Lombard, Lane, I want you to meet our new stringer, show him the ropes, this is Clark Kent. Good luck, kid.

I'm Steve.

Hi, Steve, nice to meet you.

Thanks, see ya around.

Hi, Lois Lane, welcome to the Planet.

Glad to be here, Lois. (smile at the other)


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