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David S. Goyer - Man of Steel: Oil Rig Explosion lyrics

[Scene changes to the ocean, on which there is a fishing boat. On it is a thirty-something years old CLARK KENT (a.k.a. Kal-El or Superman later on). As he's helping out, a huge cage is about to drop on him. One of his superiors run to push him out of the way]

FISHERMAN 1: Watch it, dumb-a**! Keep your eyes open or you're gonna get squashed. Where the hell did they find you,

FISHERMAN 2: Let's get this trap in the air.

CAPTAIN: Gentlemen, secure the deck. We just got a distress call from a rig due west of us. Secure the deck.

[As the boat continues its way, the oil rig appears in the distance, burning]

COAST GUARD #1: All civilian boats, stand clear. The sub-sea valves failed and the rig is about to explode.

[Clark gets into the main hub and sees the situation unfolding from afar.]

CAPTAIN: Roger, Coast Guard. What about the men left inside?

COAST GUARD #1: Forget them. They're dead.

CAPTAIN: Greenhorn! Fetch me my binoculars. Greenhorn.

[Clark is gone. He is climbing up the rig as the fire spreads. The crew are in an enclosed room. They are in firemen uniforms and take the last oxygen tanks with the masks]

CREW MEMBER: This is the last of the oxygen. I don't know
how much longer we can hold out.

[Suddenly, the door is crushed and pulled off. Clark comes in, shirtless, with fire on his skin, but visibly not burned; the crew is stunned. The scene changes as a helicopter flies around; the coast guard is flying it.]

COAST GUARD: This is Coast Guard 6510. We'll make one more pa** then we're gettin' out of here.

[Clark leads the men up the stairs and into a platform so that the chopper can see them.]

COAST GUARD #2: Wait, wait. I got some guys on the helipad.

[The helicopter lands and Clark urges the crew members to get on it. Clark notices that one of the main pillars of the rig is about to fall and land on the helicopter. He stays behind.]

COAST GUARD #1: Get that last guy loaded. We have got to go!

COAST GUARD #2: Hey, let's go. What are you doing?

[Clark jumps and catches one of the supports, using his super strength to keep it from falling, though it is difficult for him.]


[Clark manages to keep the pillar from falling long enough for the chopper to leave. Once it does, his strength gives out and whole thing drops into the ocean. The fishermen see the helicopter leave safely while the rest of rig blows into smithereens]

[As Clark floats unconsciously in the sea, he remembers his past. The scene changes to a primary school; a young Clark Kent is in history cla**.]

TEACHER: [writing on the board] "When Kansas became a territory?" [turns around] Clark. Are you listening, Clark?

[As the teacher talks to him, he is frantically looking around him, his eyes wide open and frightened.]

TEACHER: I asked if you could tell me who first settled Kansas.

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[Clark starts seeing everyone in an X-Ray matter, than simply right inside them. He looks at his teacher and sees her organs, including her beating heart.]

Are you all right, Clark?

[Now every sound around him intensifies, from the tap of a pencil, to the ticking arrows of a clock, to bells. He places his hands on his ears and runs out of cla**]

TEACHER: Clark! Clark! Clark!

[As he storms out, the sounds get louder and more jumbled. He runs down the hallway as his teacher calls out his name. His vision switches between normal and X-Ray, and he sees the janitor's storage room. He runs inside and closes the door. The teacher, surrounded by her students, hits on the door with her palm.]

TEACHER: Clark, come out of there.

CLARK KENT: Leave me alone.

[The teacher keeps hitting on the door.]

TEACHER: Clark, I have called your mother. Clark?!

[Clark gets angry and his eyes turn reddish white, with the veins surrounding them glowing red as well. The door handle seems to respond, becoming hot red. When the teacher comes to open the door, it is so hot that she cannot keep her hand on it. Martha Kent runs down the hallway and through the kids to get to the door.]

MARTHA KENT: I'm here. Clark, honey, it's Mom. Will you open the door?

[Clark starts hearing his cla**mates whispering with his disjointed superhearing.]

STUDENT #1: What's wrong with him?

STUDENT #2: He's such a freak.

STUDENT #1: Crybaby.

STUDENT #3: His parents won't even let him play
with other kids.

STUDENT #4: I know.

[Martha kneels in front of the door.]

MARTHA KENT: Sweetie... How can I help you if you won't let me in?

CLARK KENT: The world's too big, Mom.

MARTHA KENT: Then make it small. Just, um... focus on my voice. [Clark closes his eyes, tears still lingering] Pretend ifs an island... out in the ocean. Can you see it?

CLARK KENT: I see it.

MARTHA KENT: Then swim towards it, honey.

[Clark opens the door and goes to hug his mother.]

CLARK KENT: What's wrong with me, Mom?

MARTHA KENT: Oh, Clark...

[The scene changes back to the present time, as Clark, still floating in the sea, opens his eyes. A couple of whales are swimming around him, almost as if they were concerned for his well-being.]

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