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David S. Goyer - Man of Steel: Daily Planet lyrics

LOIS LANE: [voice over] What Colonel Hardy and his team surmised was a Soviet-era submarine was actually something
much more exotic.An isotope analysis of the surrounding
ice bores suggests that an object had been trapped in the glacier for over 18, 000 years. As for my rescuer? He disappeared during the object's departure. A background check revealed that his work history and identity had been falsified. The questions raised by my rescuer's existence are frightening to contemplate, but I also know what I saw. [The rest is said as she is reading it to her boss, PERRY WHITE.] And I have arrived
at the inescapable conclusion that the object and its occupant did not originate on Earth.

PERRY WHITE: I can't print this, Lois. You might have hallucinated half of it.

LOIS LANE: What about the contractors who corroborated my story?

PERRY WHITE: The Pentagon is denying that there was a ship.

LOIS LANE: Of course they are. That's what they're supposed to do; it's the Pentagon! Perry, it's me we're talking about. I'm a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter.

PERRY WHITE: Then act like it.

LOIS LANE: Print it or I walk.
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PERRY WHITE: You can't. You're under contract. I'm not running a story about aliens walking among us. Never gonna happen.

[The scene changes to a bar. The bartender gives a drink to Lois as she's talking to another man, GLEN WOODBURN.]

BARTENDER: That's a Scotch, straight-up, for the lady.

LOIS LANE: I'm sending you the original article. My editor won't print it, but if it happened to leak online...

GLEN WOODBURN: Got it, but didn't you once describe my site as a "creeping cancer of falsehoods"?

LOIS LANE: I stand by my words, Woodburn, but I want this story out there.


LOIS LANE: Because I want my mystery man to know I know the truth.

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