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David Astor - The Regurgitation Of Corpses lyrics

One day the earth must vomit
As sewers and cemetaries
Intertwine into one
The spitting up of the dead-regurgitated!
The fumes of the rot-exhumated!
The unsettling nature of decomposition
Flesh is flesh
The ground is wet with d**h
A plague of undead disease
Jellified organic mannequinn
Cold and green muscle striations
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What once was life-rebirth through d**h
The ground opens up at your feet
The fetid smell of sinew-vomiting the rot
Carriers of violent disease
Acids in your stomach expelled-dissolving the dead
Tracheal, purulent release
Upchuck on the maggot-lined trunk
The beautiful act of blowing the chunk
From the earth they'll arise
Regurgitation of corpses
Vomit, decay
The regurgitation of corpses

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