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Davey Suicide - Professor Asshole lyrics

So Davey you changed your last name to Suicide, is that because you think Teen Suicide is trendy and cool

Davey: Well, no it's a constant reminder...

mmhhmmmmm, I see, a constant reminder, and the cross your heart. Is that because you think your fans should all worship the devil like you?

Davey: No, no…it symbolizes second chances and….
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Ohhhh…second chances, well do you think telling everyone to Grab a gun and kill everyone is an appropriate message for the kids out there?

Davey: hold on man, have you ever heard of a metaphor

You know…I think it's people like you that are destroying this world and corrupting our kids, dressing like girls and playing that devil music I guess we should just all go hang ourselves because davey suicide is in town …let the gays in the military what happened to good wholesome
You know what….fuck…BOOM!

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