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Davey Ray Moor - Lovers In A Loveless Place lyrics

there s no justice here there s just us, my friend
we re close to the nail, we re close to the edge
when an enemy s enemy aint no friend of mine now all that was good
now all that was real or sacred
is forbidden by someone who don t know hot it tastes four sheets to the wind again
shiver my timbers are feeling the strain
or setting forth with confussion nibbling our sail the stars are all out but they re all wrong tonight
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colliding, conspiring with satellites
like it s the end of my tether here coming
like we aint got the time no, we re not loveless, we re lovers
lovers in a loveless place... and if it lives and breathes its safe, my friend
well stay the night and watch till the end
when there s rythm in the veins
then there s rythm where the waters bend

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