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Dave Roe - Oh Sarah lyrics

Oh Sarah, here we go again
I can't get past the pain of what I want to say to you
I'm too old now to learn how to let you in
So I'll run away just like I always do
She said if there's something I should know then tell me now
Before I go and give my heart away
So I can get on with my life
You can go on with your strife
Wish you'd speak the words those eyes are trying to say

Sometimes this life feels like a big old dream
I'm floating around on a cloud inside
When my cloud starts coming apart at the seams
Oh Sarah, that's when I slide
There's going to be times that I gotta go away
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But don't worry baby I'll come home
Out on the road is where I'm going to find my way
But I'll always find the time when I'm alone
So forgive me if sometimes I seem a little crazy
But god damn, sometimes crazy is how I feel
And my brain is starting to swirl
Down the drain of this old world
And there's only one thing girl I know is real

It's the love that I feel in your arms
It's the glow you wear around you like a charm
It's the tender in your eyes
That keeps me safe and warm at night
From this life


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