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Dave Rideout - Move Closer lyrics

So near
Something to see and touch
Your face in the mirror
Your shape in the mattress

Just hear rhythms up from our lungs
Carved deep into silence
That stayed for too long

Heads up, eyes ahead
One of those things you don't forget

Move closer
(We got it right where we want it)
Move closer
(Don't even need a reminder)
Move as close as you can
It's not over yet
Move closer
(No need to wait any longer)
Move closer
(This'll be just as I promised)
Move as close as you can
And take it all in

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It's real
Shivers gone unrehearsed
Guessing game hands
And toe-curled feet

So still
Apart from hearts intertwined
A surreal interruption
Of melted time

Heads up, eyes ahead
One of those things
You won't forget
One of those things
You dont forget


Stolen from the tips of tongues
This loss for words is comfortable
These ghosts of ours have come back home
Unto their flesh and blood and bones
Wrapped up in skin and sweat and glow
Just us alone


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