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Dave Rideout - Flight lyrics

There's been a loss of pressure
But a fit of urgency
Put your mask in place as measured
But let me sleep these naive dreams

Your collections, suspended
Race to gather up your things
My feet are clear
And my head is clearer

Belongings and apologies
Tight against your chest
Don't look so worried for me
I don't worry for me

'Cause I feel weightless
Yet we're still destined for the ground
At least I'll know that I've walked it all before
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You call me aimless
I call it wearing myself out before i go
Completely motionless like you

Lights are flashing overhead
The belt is tight around your waist
I find all the care you take

Recollections, unmentioned
Creep up your thinning veins
Why were you here?
Why were you here at all?

Start longing for a broader reach
But trapped against your seat
You look so worried to know
That I'm more worried for you


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