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Darren Allison - Lolita Elle lyrics

My elle was kicking back
Said; honey, must you drive so fast?
We were young and high as summer
I knew it couldn't last
Taking the mountain pa**
She smiled and said you like ours is as
Doomed and stained as snow
Through the corn and the cotton belts
Southern deserts where we wintered
Perhaps i merely dreamt it
I mean who could eclipse the pacific
Take the roads of her olive thighs
To the seas behind her eyes
Our flesh turning to flame
Starblind when we came

She had entered my world, black and umber
How now i recall as history takes her
I won't forget what i said as she slept

Oh my lolita elle
Anything but heaven's got to be some kind of hell
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Yes i know the rules are tough
On the likes of us
The damned and the beautiful as well
But it's the only way
If we're to get to heaven again

If i asked you would you believe
That the air there was warm and green
We drove in silence many miles
Through hazel towns and dusky streets
Oh time will never catch us up
Take the wheel while i skin up
It'll take a golden mile
Or maybe five
And then the sky was mad with stars
We tore the desert like a scar
We'd gotten what we'd prayed for
We'd slipped from god's thoughts
These ember moments must sleep with the past
We take the valleys far too fast
And like our youth and the road below
We both knew it wouldn't last

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