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Darky - Nerve damage lyrics

DaRky :

The infamous is back sirens loud screams

And now were tag teamed to attack rap scenes

The worst dream he ever sees is about to drop a headshot

Ur think the best well guess what ur not

Devistation is what ur facing ur faking disgracing

Yourself and i was waiting to get your title taken

My style is harder than frozen lava

You need to gather all your crew and still your softer

I kick of the route and get you knocked out

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Theres no doubt you f**ing faggot getting creeped out

So anee arme bklmy enemies with the power that is inner me

Is gotta be a *something* felony

And il be charged with the d**h of John F kennedy

Thats why am the best with the f**ing rap al 3raby

I success in everything thats what a devil brings

I k** the minds when am spitting rhymes im a rebel king

Arabic line

Arabic line

ShaGaGy :

Arabic verse

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