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In 1986, Norwegians Gylve Nagell, Ted Skjellum, Ivar Enger, and Dag Nilsen formed the band Black d**h. Just prior to their first release, Soulside Journey, the band changed its name to Darkthrone. With guidance from their friend Euronymus, of the famed Mayhem, Darkthrone decided it was time for a new, darker image. Like their black metal cohorts they covered their faces in corpse paint and changed their names to represent the evilness of their music. Nagell became Fenriz, Skjellum became Nocturno Culto, and Enger adopted the name Zephyrous. Nilsen left the band but not until after recording the ba** parts for their third album, Ablaze in the Northern Sky. Ablaze established Darkthrone as a genre originator along with other Scandinavian black metal bands such as Mayhem, Emperor, and Satyricon. Their next two albums, Under a Funeral Moon and Transylvanian Hunger, also make most lists of must-haves in the genre. Darkthrone is known for creating albums that sound raw and dirty. Even when modern equipment and recording budgets available to them have allowed for better production they go to great lengths to make their records sound as if they were recorded in a garage. In 1994, Darkthrone switched from the Peacville label to local Norwegian label Moonfog, owned by Satyr of Satyricon, and released what they have called the ultimate tribute to Celtic Frost, Panzerfaust. After the recording of Panzerfaust, Zephyrous, as the rumor goes, went missing never to be seen again. The follow-up to Panzerfaust, Total d**h, was recorded only by Fenriz and Nocturnal Culto. The two later brought out some old sessions, added vocals, and released Goat Lord. In 1998, Darkthrone released Ravishing Grimness, continuing in the vein of old school thrash/black metal. ~ Kevin Odle, All Music Guide

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