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Dark Lo - Sidewalk lyrics

One phone call I can get you 10 bricks one war call I can get you 10 clips If you a real n***a then i recommend this life of a crook sh** i put my all in this, n***as take off when i spin strips, n***a you a fraud you ain't been rich. you can witness signed like Pica**o? sh** so timeless a bottle with the Mack gold. So many guns man I might let a Glock go give me 700$ and its fresh out the box though Cooking up light an incense, was in a gun fight it was intense but i made it home i ain't get dressed. She heard Lo heart was made of stone so that made sense Robberies had to make grit, Learn how to cook Ive been selling weight ever since
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n***a dont sidetalk i grew up on a sidewalk

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