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Dark Lo - I Remember lyrics

Remember when they caught me with that gun in traffic ( 05 )
Then they send me upstate is was in me bagage (in my bag )
Now its 5 star place , Gold frame Gla**es and the shirt i can't pronounce it i dont know the fabric (i dont know )
And them nights i didn't eat I had to work my magic , ( i did )
2 K's in the car you was playing [?medic?] ( damn )
Playing though played out fair ever lasted ( it is )
No love in these street Pull up in a Aston ( skirt )
Dutch pull im the clutch bull (i am) dont mistake for rapmusic this is much more (this real )
This is lifestyles (what else ) this is lifetrails (who with me) this is OBH ain't no family like ours (come on)
n***as hate but just know its never likewise (never )
Smoking ounces and i drink the lean pipesides (im on )
Narcs almost caught me slipping thats a nice try (naaah)
My life a open book i dont like lies . (damnn )

(you need people like me )

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Remember al dem days i was stressed out (remember)
Remember al dem bodies that was stretched out (remember)
Remember al dem n***as had to ex out (remember)
Remember hiding coke in me Ex house (damn )

Remember growing weed smoking out the garden ( K.E )
Then i dribble on the block i was pushing spalding (that hard )
Gave my life to the streets n***a i was ALL in (f** it)
Nowadays i [?bumm?] my face when the dime called in (i bluff )
My brother like to k** n***as , I dont call him (Naah )
And that last shooting sh** he pulled , i was off him ( im off em)
Could a got me doubble life or a focking coffin (real sh** )
And my grandmom used to say im focking awesome (r.i.p)
No matter how bad i was shooting out with grown men i was just a litte cuzz (is was a youngin)
No matter how mad i was order 4 wings and i split that sh** with my Cuzz (thats family)
Loyalty ,respect and honor fock you you honour im just being honest (honestly)
Live your life n***a d**h is a promise next to your highness kneel and pay homage . p**y (damn )

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