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Dark Lo - Honorable lyrics

[Bridge: Lik Moss]
These n***as ain't like us Lo
All my n***as 1000
Know what these f** n***as is these days
Goonie Gang

[Hook x 2: Lik Moss]
Your man fall
Pay that man bill (Honourable)
Stand tall
No we can't tell (Honourable)
Born winners
So we can't fail (Honourable)
You dishonourable
All my n***as is honourable
Same sh**
No I send it back (Honourable)
Be on your block in a minute flat (Honourable)
Take a loss
No I take it back (Honourable)
You dishonourable
All my n***as is honourable

[Verse 1: Young Stogs]
Bought a 30 for my strap
sh** that's honourable
Ran off a 9 in a track
Now that's honourable
Smell like a dime up in sack sh**
Now that's honourable
It ain't no rap
When I see you sh** I'm bombing you
You f** boys I cock back and dunk toys
These hammers rang
They make noise and bring the boys
You n***as sing
Now I'm in the country booked up
But now I'm not because my lawyer pay good gwap
You n***as tripping buying all my game
I can drop a circle and a pot and make a boomerang
I can put that b**h on a strip and make her do her thing
My honour been stamped
Young Stogs n***a
Goonie Gang

[Verse 2: Dark Lo]
Men you n***as ain't gat it in you
Thousand kilo with a scale on the shirt
n***as know the symbol (OBH)
Tell the cops s** your dick when they come for you
Oh you ain't grab it from us
Let me jvm you
8 guns every arm
I'm an octopus
Honour sh**
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Burn work
Foot on gags
Outy push
See a Opp
Broad day
Men I gatta push
n***as pussies
Dark Lo the crook
All my n***as honourable
f** the pigs, DA and your honour too
He bullet proof as well
F10s flying through
Civil back hunting
k** something
And I'm iron proof

[Hook x 2]

[Verse 3: Lik Moss]
You n***as under in question
I gat minor possession
Rhyming and wrecking
Know that I'm an exception
Palm in a weapon
Come with all king of aggression
So these p**y n***as gatta respect it
It's OBH n***a
Cause I did all my time with some honour to it
Really see and even see a n***a dead
So I gat to do it
I'm talking vamping
I'll be lamping in the alley with it
Plastic surgery with the birdy in it
I do it with a body with it
I just leave sh** sitting with a party to it
They'll never know where I'm working at
I'm timing with it
Double barrel
The 2 pipper
Roudy roddy with it
Before I tell I die in jail
I'm John Gacy with it

[Verse 4: Ar Ab]
I live and die by my honour
He gat booked and told it all to your honour
AK stuff 50 in the comma
If he rat you give it all to his mama
He gat caught at the stove in a bowl
Before they gat him in the car, the n***a told
I should have read all the signs when he showed
When we slid on the n***as then he froze
He only loyal to the n***as with the biggest bag
They ran into him in the county and get him bad
You all went on a robbery and you're getting a n***a stash
But you ain't real [...] till you see him on the stand

[Hook x 2]

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